Cannes Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Chantelle Albers


With the revelry and pomp of Cannes almost upon us come May 11, what better than to highlight blossoming indie sweetheart Chantelle Albers. With her movie-star looks, she is undoubtedly a glamorous beauty in keeping with the prestige of Cannes which glitters up the French Riviera yearly. She’s starring in the familial drama “The Visitor” which is part of the Short Film Corner – Cannes Court Métrage. With May being our beloved Mother’s Day month, this story has a moving resonance as it deals with a young girl Rachel Saunders finally meeting her biological mother, Chantelle’s character Skye Taylor after more than 17 years. Chantelle perfectly etches the torment of a woman who had to give up her child and bearing the anguish of seeing her daughter’s dejected reaction to their reunion. If you are a devotee of all things related to witchcraft then catch Chantelle in the family comedy “Moo Moo and the Three Witches”. She is also starring in the upcoming “Reawakened” set for release in October 2016 which continues the witch theme only this time, it’s far more terrifying. As Detective Henderson she may just have to come face to face with a revived witch that’s possessing an innocent young girl. Chantelle does gravitate towards horror, quirky physical comedy and roles of a villainess edge, one of which is notable as it has been incarnated on the show “Supergirl” recently during “The Flash” crossover.


For DC Comics Fanboys, it will be a boon for them to know that Chantelle essayed the role of Silver Banshee in the effects laden short “The Demon In The Dark”. We get to witness her awesome powers such as destructive hypersonic wails and superhuman strength but many will surely love the twist where the villains are seemingly afraid of their nemesis Batman. Not only will Chantelle be viewed with affection on the indie scene, she is now surely appealing in comic book lore too. Comparably her talents can indeed be described as being multi-verse and Chantelle is on her way to becoming an endearing figure.

Do drop by the CHANTELLE ALBERS OFFICIAL SITE as she is truly fascinating.

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