Actress Spotlight: Jolie Jenkins Pagani


A luminous mainstay on television, Jolie Jenkins Pagani is a lady we would adore for eons. As Captain Megan Dunleavy on “House Of Lies”, she gets hit on a lot in this week’s episode and who wouldn’t try when Jolie has such an endearing glow in her role as the skipper of Palace Cruises. First the always randy Clyde does a little flirting at dinner and then Doug (Josh Lawson) gatecrashes her room looking for some action. His intention to fulfil the lifelong dream of sleeping with the ship Captain has all the makings of an epic failure as Jolie’s Cap has no mood for shenanigans on her watch. Jolie in real life however is one of the most pleasant actresses I’ve connected with seeing how she sent me her autographed pic when I was in the early throes of blogging. We can affirm she’s even more radiant now after catching her spunky appearance on “House Of Lies”.


Jolie also famously played FBI Agent Leyla Harrison who is obsessed with Agent Mulder in the iconic series “The X-Files”. Being an X-phile and with the recent X-Files revival, I couldn’t help reminiscing how bubbly Jolie was as Agent Harrison, the fledgling detective briefly replacing Agent Scully. She was quite the comedienne and let’s hope we get to see even more as she has done in the TV shows “Devious Maids” and “The Exes”. Once a honey, always a honey and the enchanting Jolie is loveliness to the core.

One thought on “Actress Spotlight: Jolie Jenkins Pagani

  1. I adore her. One of the sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. And it’s not because she’s my son’s wife and the mother of my grandson. Really, it’s not.

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