Cannes Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Canadian Vixen Hannah Pederson


Sparkling Canadian actress Hannah Pederson is vividly charming and her short film has the potential to be engrossing at Cannes 2016. She stars in “Salva Nos” a.k.a “Save Us” which is about a young girl’s immense struggle having been forced into sex slavery at a tender age. In the heartbreaking role of Anna, we witness the journey of innocence lost, the trauma of her hellish captivity and the determination to break free from the chains of enslavement. Hannah’s impactful encapsulation of Anna who is trapped in a vicious emotional and physical prison is revealing of the evils of human trafficking which to this day still massively prevalent globally. The clandestine nature of these heinous acts does mean enforcement is a daily battle with only 1-2% of victims being saved. What better than at Cannes to raise awareness of this blight in society through the thought-provoking themes laid out in “Salva Nos”. Hannah’s gritty performance will go a long way in getting us to reflect.

This is the second time Hannah’s feature has been at the Festival de Cannes Court Métrage Short Film Corner as the short “Crossroads” was also a selection back in 2015. In this existential drama, Hannah is soulful and magnetic as Margaret who after the tragic loss of her grandmother searches for the meaning of life even as Paul, the childhood friend she loved abandons her. On TV, she’s graced us with her luminosity on television with appearances on Canada’s Western-based dramatic series “Strange Empire” and “Mistresses”. Hannah also guest-starred in the long running hit “Supernatural” in the episode ‘Rock and a Hard Place’ which had everything from chastity pledges as well as porn references to a Roman goddess called Vesta on a killing spree. Attention is surely going to fall on her lap and we can’t wait for the next riveting role from the gifted Hannah.

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