Indie Horror Darlings To Adore @ Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival 2016

Special Guest Scream Queen FELISSA ROSE


– With the presentation of the Crimson Screen Horror Icon Award to iconic temptress Felissa Rose, she’s cemented her legendary status as one of horror’s most coveted actress. She’s also a Special Guest at the Crimson Screen Film Fest and that’s going to be thoroughly memorable!
– The intensity she’s able to exude onscreen have seen Felissa assume most famously the transgendered serial killer Angela in “Sleepaway Camp” and recently a religious fanatic in “Zombie Killers”. She admirably pushes the boundaries in damaged personas onscreen.
– Her immense contributions to horror is an inspiration for everyone across the world and indeed instilled my own undying passion for the beloved genre.

Astrea Campbell-Cobb in “KILD TV”


– Ravishing blue-eyed blonde Astrea Campbell-Cobb has been a scene stealer on both the indie scene and television. Having featured her before on this blog in support of her guest-star role on the hit series “Marvel’s: Agents Of Shield”, she garnered a wave of adulation.
– She’s at her beguiling best in “KILD TV” as Adel, a new employee at a small TV station terrorised by a serial killer that hides in plain sight. Astrea won a nomination for Best Actress for her role as Adel confirming she’s a rising talent to be smitten with.
– Her photogenic sex appeal, kissable lips and acting finery is thrusting her into the spotlight which puts her on massively lovable notice.

Alexis Codding in “Neron”


– When it comes to hailing flawless beauties, Alexis Codding is a young talent with picture perfect charms. Blessed with the effortlessly sexy allure that reminds of actresses such as Olivia Wilde, she’ll stir your senses in no time.
– Her emergence in indie horror has seen her star in various films and shorts including “Voodoo” as the slasher anthology-themed “Hi-8 (Horror Independent 8)”. Alexis has been part of some gritty features yet her well-liked warmth comes shining through.
– Catch her in the horror/thriller “Neron”, a tale of mystery and illusion where a premature newborn son, the titular Neron starts wreaking havoc on his family.

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