Starlets To Crave at Cannes Film Festival 2016 – Part 1

Mia Ella Jordan in “Shot Sparrow”


– Mia is already gracing the red-carpet at Cannes and she shimmers in her little black dress having attended the premier of Jodie Foster’s film “Money Monster”. Her elegantly adorable will means she’ll be a darling for the photogs.
– She’s on course to entrance the planet with her appearance in “Shot Sparrow” as Mariam, a young Jewish woman facing Nazi persecution in her hometown Grodno, Belarus. The tragedy that befalls her will be admirably fleshed out by the superbly talented Mia.
– With her European/South American heritage having been born in Chile and is of Croatian descent, she’s adding cosmopolitan flavour to the international event that is Cannes. With her immaculate work as an upcoming indie actress, Mia is to be revered.

Sarah Butler & Stacey Oristano in “The Muse”


– Sarah Butler and Stacey Oristano are the flawless personification of what it means to be lauded as a muse and both star in the aptly titled “The Muse” by actress turned director Melora Walters. It’s a brutal look at the film industry and its many players.
– With her authenticity in playing dauntless women on film, Sarah is a screen heroine in my eyes and for countless viewers. She reunites with Melora Walters who recently was her mom in another feature and we’ll be engrossed by Sarah’s stirring performance once more.
– The big news when it comes to Stacey is she has a plum role in the upcoming “Gilmore Girl” revival series. Having enchanted viewers on shows such as “Bunheads” and “Friday Night Lights”, she’ll wow us in 2016 with dazzling verve.

Kelly Ryan in “Give Me A Ring”


– When it comes to blonde goddesses, Kelly has plenty of divine appeal in her locker. Her Mesmeric turns include in the TV series “Hung” and the short film “Turn Around”, receiving a nomination for “BEST ACTRESS IN A SHORT FILM” at the Method Fest alongside Naomi Watts.
– Kelly is potently riveting in “Give Me A Ring” as the lead Dr Lisa Johnson who pushes the ethical boundaries when she experiments with her psychiatric patient. Check out the short film here:
– She can be seen in the upcoming erotic thriller “Dead Ringer” which sees an up-and-coming movie star who is eerily a spitting image of the deceased boyfriend of the woman he becomes romantically involved with.

Megan Guinan in “Love, Gina”


– One of the most exciting breakthrough talents in 2016 having shone in the Bradley Cooper inspired new series “Limitless”, she is a must watch as the luminous Rachel Finch. Rachel is of course, the loyal sister of human super computer Brian Finch.
– She threads a darker slice of life in the psychological thriller of a short film called “Love, Gina”. Megan plays a woman who happens to be in love with a man she hasn’t even met….sounds ominous yet fascinating.
– Megan has a dark comedy project in the works and since she’s already regarded as one of TV’s newest sweethearts, her endeavours on film are about to win her a similarly appreciative reception.

Ashley Bloom in “Small Towns”


– Having already graced the prestigious film festival Sundance with her riveting official selection “Gun”, indie actress Ashley is bringing her radiance to Cannes with her newest short film “Small Towns”.
– Ashley’s endearing smile does bring forth her myriad of captivating qualities in the features she’s done. She also happens to be a talent who gravitates towards the emotional and physical elements of a story which she uses to great effect when in character.
– Her upcoming inter-racial relationship drama “Love Isn’t Enough” will be of great interest to fans who have a thing for romance. Ashley delves into family as well as societal pressures as Amanda Joyner who faces obstacles in her love for her African American partner.

Alexis Nichols in “Blind Date”


– Alexis is a familiar figure at Cannes having already had a film premiered at Cannes back in 2015. This ravishing redhead took on the personage of the iconic Lucille Ball in “Becoming Lucy” with effervescent charisma. Check out her reel here:
– Audiences can see why she’s an object of affection in the romantic short “Blind Date” as Alexis is endowed with an unerring lusciousness. She plays Sarah, one-half of a couple who meet at a bar as strangers to rekindle their passion.
– Being multi-faceted, she’s glowingly entrenched herself on film and the stage on top of being a model as well as a voiceover artist. As an accomplished comedic and dramatic actress, Alexis is indeed a face to pine for.

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