Sizzling Cutie: Julie Cavaliere


Passion for the faces of television is an an all time high and the sweet Julie Cavaliere is one to heap fondness upon. She guest stars in the newest episode of “Person Of Interest” called ‘ShotSeeker’ as Mary Mulhall, a graduate student embroiled in yet another of the Evil AI Samaritan’s plans. Her character does indeed become a person of interest herself albeit she’s being hunted down by one of Samaritan’s foot soldier. Can Reese (Jim Caviezel) and his friends get to save her in time as they have done for countless innocents? Notably she was invited to reprise her role on Seasons 2 and 3 of Colin Quinn’s web series, “Cop Show” which had illustrious guest including Chris Rock, Steve Buscemi and Seth Meyers.

One could say Julie is a budding rose among several talented thorns on “Cop Show” and things are looking up for her. Early this year, she appeared on “Blindspot” alongside Ashley Johnson as well as the 2nd Season of “I Love You… But I Lied”. Blessed with an engaging spunk and with her increasing endeavours on television acknowledged with terms of endearment, Julie could well ensure her place in our hearts.

Do visit the JULIE CAVALIERE OFFICIAL SITE for more updates.

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