Actress Spotlight: Murielle Telio & Chloe Hurst


With “The Nice Guys” premiering this week, it’s time to ardently fixate on the women who will be elevating the comedy to sizzling levels. The delectable duo of Murielle Telio and Chloe Hurst have the photogenic sex appeal to be onscreen temptation for years to come. Murielle stars as porn star Misty Mountains in “The Nice Guys” whose apparent suicide spurs an investigation by private eye Holland March (Ryan Gosling) and hired enforcer Jackson Healy (Russell Crowe). She’s certainly the motivational centre of the crime caper during the 70s and when one has the curves of Murielle who is a brunette bombshell, any detective fictional or real would be on her case in an instant. At Cannes 2016 as well as the premiere of “The Nice Guys”, she’s showcased her shimmering allure on the red carpet to the world. In her sheer black dress, Murielle was many a photographer’s dream girl alongside Russell Crowe, Ryan Gosling, Angourie Rice and Matt Bomer at Cannes so she’s destined for fandom.


Chloe Hurst may have a supporting role in “The Night Guys” but viewers will surely remember her as soon as she comes onscreen. There’s so much to love about Chloe, from her gorgeous looks that fabulously belong on the runaways to her uniquely sexy Aussie/Brit accent, she’s a glamorous gal from head to toe. Slender and statuesque, she’s representative of the must-watch young talents from Australia and the truth is we can’t get enough! Catch her in the upcoming tear-jerker “Scarlett” as a cancer-stricken architect who questions everything she has known as her life slowly wanes. Her personable disposition and air of elegance is likely to be approved with eternal adulation.

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