Actress Spotlight: Katrina Bowden


Katrina Bowden personifies the blonde bombshell and screen sweetheart affront with graceful sensuality that we can’t help but view her with adoring fervour. She’s the leading lady of the funny flick “Hard Sell”, refreshing the high school comedy with entertaining vim. It’s about Hardy Buchanan (Skyler Gisondo), a poor high school student enveloped in the affluence prevalent at his private institution but soon finds a kindred soul in Katrina’s ex-stripper persona named Bo. Harnessing their entrepreneurial instincts, they hatch a plan to entice students and profiting from their sexually frustrated existence. We already celebrate her as a desirable temptation and as Bo, she delivers in every fame as the beautiful runaway who teaches the prep school boys about breasts, oral sex as well as the complexities of life. Katrina elevates the sister figure that is Bo with a beguiling reach, sparkling positively as the street-smart woman with sex appeal and a good heart underneath. Check out the clip here from “Hard Sell”:


It’s great that in this particular instance, the classic female trope in comedies that Katrina depicts sees her being at the core of the story and in tandem with the male teen outside turned hero of the piece. She does prove to be an affecting eye candy yet there are interesting facets about her that belies her infatuation-worthy assets. With each incarnation onscreen, Katrina has demonstrated her acting chops in both comedy and drama, most stirringly on the TV series “Public Morals” as the adorable call girl Fortune. The vivacious Katrina Bowden is a starlet worthy of our obsession and she will be for some time to come.

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