IFS Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Indie Darling Summer Spiro


The end of May signals a rise in young talents on the verge of acclamation and the gorgeous Summer Spiro could be one to find endearment. She stars in the tense short film “Hill Hive” as Jade a scientist who together with her friend Val have forged a solid bond in the face of a dystopian world. However, a terrifying force encircles their safe haven and might just shatter their peaceful alliance. Come this Saturday, May 28th during the premiere of “Hill Hive” at the Independent Filmmakers Showcase Film Fest, we’ll be eager to see her performance. Summer has the magnetism very much in the vein of a young Kate Winslet meets Julianna Margulies and should soon find fandom from indie fans. With IFS 2016 being the platform that promotes emerging actors, may will come to embrace her effusive charisma.


Having received numerous plaudits for her dazzling work in theatrical productions such as Steal Heaven (Herbert Siguenza) and Fallen Angel (Noël Coward), Summer is steadily replicating her eye-catching ventures on film. An enchanter in the making, the fetching Summer is on track to make her dynamic presence felt.

Drop by the SUMMER SPIRO OFFICIAL SITE for a wealth of media showcasing this most lovely actress.

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