Actress Spotlight: Lisa Ann Walter


Undoubtedly one of the sexiest comediennes to tickle many a funny bone, Lisa Ann Walter is giving us a glimpse of her desirability yet again in the coming weeks. Catch her in the new episode ‘All the Residents’ Men’ from the comedy series “The Odd Couple” where she appears as Linda who is being coaxed to vote for either Oscar Madison (Matthew Perry) or Felix Unger (Thomas Lennon) as BTA President. Oscar’s crafty strategy is to tempt her with doughnuts but will that win her vote? Speaking about temptation, the buxom Lisa is potently saucy so much so it enlivened me to feature her this week even before her film “Dependent’s Day” premieres at Dances With Films 2016. Likewise her husky voice has probably drove us crazy as we watch her finest moments on film. Lisa is of course at her most seductive in “Dependent’s Day” as Bette, the boss of the protagonist Alice (Benita Robledo) who can’t seem to wrap her around why her high-flying employee is attached to a loser. As she has done on numerous occasions onscreen, Lisa is enthralling and captivating as the dominant head honcho who loves a bit of taunting, especially on guys she consider duds.


The well-endowed Lisa did tease us with her assets on another TV show “The Exes” as Haskell’s (Wayne Knight) ex-wife, Margo who gets amnesia after being in a car accident and thinks their marriage is still intact. We do have to admit sensuality and comedy go well together which of course thanks to Lisa has seen global audiences exhilarated with her. Lisa has also been on some of the biggest hits on film such as “Shall We Dance” opposite Richard Gere, “Bruce Almighty” and “The Parent Trap”. She’s a Sex Bomb and Acclaimed funny woman, supremely talented with an immeasurable charm.

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