Actress Spotlight: Abbi Snee


Coming across Abbi Snee on television is a true delight as she’s effortlessly sweet and surely blessed with one of the most radiant smiles. She’s guest-starring on “Person Of Interest” as Brittany, the receptionist who greets Root (Amy Acker) and has some fun banter with her as soon as she arrives at a talkback radio show that highlights conspiracy theories. As many of us will discover, she’s more than meets the eye and Abbi shrewdly threads her shadowy veneer so make sure to stay till the end of the episode to find out what her motives are. Just last year, Abbi took our breaths away so desirably as Mary Lloyd, the mother of Dick Grayson aka Robin in the 1st Season of “Gotham”. Perhaps she could be cast in the sequel of “Suicide Squad 2” seeing how she’s part of the DC comics universe already. This lovely brunette has also amorously beguiled as Miriam Weeks, better known as Belle Knox, the student turned pornstar Belle Knox who infamously went into porn to finance her tuition fees on the risqué MTV series “One Bad Choice”.

Earlier in 2016, she dazzled the red carpet at the “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” New York Premiere alongside “Gotham” Hotties Erin Richards and Camren Bicondova. You may have also seen her in “The Blacklist” as the fiancee of a young man with ties to the mob and guest-starred alongside Leighton Meester on “Gossip Girl”. With an assortment of TV roles under her belt, we should now be thoroughly receptive of Abbi’s glowing traits.

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