Indie Sweethearts Sizzling Up IFS Film Festival 2016 – Part 1

Robin Bain in “Nowhereland”


– Director/Actress/Writer Robin Bain is both a Sex Bomb and exceptional film-maker whose opus on the harsh realities of sex-trafficking called “Nowhereland” will be of huge interest on its release.
– She fascinatingly layers the gritty film with a potentially doomed love story between her protagonist 15-year old Shara (Jessica Taylor Haid) and street hustler Jamie.
– Her upcoming film “Without You I’m Nothing” would see her affectingly enthralled as Tina Anderson, a down-and-out stripper in a caustic relationship with a drug dealer played by Dolph Lundgren.

Natalie Sutherland in “Fame Dogs”


– Natalie Sutherland is a perennial darling of film festivals, eloquently traversing the world of comedy as well as drama with her warmth which we should find decidedly pleasing.
– She came to attention for her remarkable portrayal of Emma, a Scottish girl living in Los Angeles who suffers the ultimate dumping deed via text by her boyfriend John (Grant Show of “Devious Maids”) in the short film “Fxxxen Americans”.
– In the comedy “Fame Dogs” which is the official opening night selection at this year’s IFS Film Fest, she stars as dogmatic Hollywood agent Rebecca Stirling who hopes to groom struggling actress Polly (Sylvia Batey Alcalá) into a celebrity.

Natalija Nogulich in “Sharkskin”


– Natalija Nogulich has won many hearts with phenomenal appearances on film,broadway and especially television, amassing multiple credits in hit shows such as “Glee”, “Suburgatory”, “Criminal Minds”, “2 Broke Girls”, “NCIS” and “Hot In Cleveland”.
– Catch Natalija add luster to the Post World War 2 Fable “Sharkskin” that sees custom tailor Mike Esposito’s brushes with local mobsters in his neighbourhood.
– With her Eastern European heritage, this Serbian-born siren of the screen is deserving of unparalleled recognition for her contributions to the industry and her impeccably engaging disposition is to be adored year in, year out.

Hayley McLaughlin in “Agnation”


– Scottish beauty Hayley McLaughlin stars in the smart horror flick “Agnation” which pits two groups of people with desires of their own that threaten to cause huge upheaval when they happen to encounter each other at a cabin.
– There might not be a trailer of “Agnation” but if you’ve seen her noteworthy ebullience on the TV series “The Librarians” as the perky sprite Ariel, we’ll be hooked once more.
– With a busy 2016 ahead for this lovely bonnie as she’s appearing in several projects across varying genres, she’s going to be a delightful prospect to savour.

Anna Konkle in “Allergic To Flowers”


– A star in her own right, Anna Konkle prominence is well merited since she has captivated throughout the debut season of “Rosewood” as the always amiable Tara Milly Izikoff. Her lesbian romance with Rosewood’s sister, Pippy must surely be an intriguing sub-plot.
– As a TV addict, I’m aligned with the desires of couch potatoes around the world to see the evolution of her very likeable character TMI in Season 2 of “Rosewood”.
– Anna may have a supporting role in the comedic short “Allergic To Flowers” but with her immense success of late, it’s a must to have her on this list of adorable talents.


Nadine Crocker & Darcy DeMoss in “ToY”


Jessika Van in “Intrepid”


Anne Leighton in “Countdown”


Madeleine Falk in “I’m Gabrielle”


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