Dances With Films 2016 Spotlight: Najarra Townsend


The genuine personification of an Indie Goddess, Najarra consistently entertains us with some of the foxiest and boldest representation of leading ladies on film. Come June 2nd at Dances With Films and looking like she belongs in the “Sin City” movies, Najarra will ethrall us all as the gun-toting firecracker Zelda in “Wolf Mother” which is the opening film of the prestigious festival. What a way to make waves at Dances With Films with her portrayal of a multi-layered protagonist who has a dark side yet her good heart shines in the light as she zealously tries to save child trafficking victims. It’s fitting to watch her enchant once more as she has done with her previous incarnations, that of Samantha, an unfortunate victim of a zombie-turning STD and as Angel, the girl with a troubled past in “The Toy Soldiers”. Her absorbing dramatising of damaged souls is as intricate as it is compelling, at times adding that glimpse of sensuality we all crave.

After “Wolf Mother”, she’ll likely keep us fixated yet again in the short film “The Stylist”. This time, Najarra stars as Claire, a lonely hairstylist who is depressed with her mundane life and decides to treat her final client of the evening as a plaything. A bloodied plaything of course as the unnerving teaser (above) suggests. “The Stylist” is having its international premiere at the Fantasia International Film Festival in Montreal which means we’ll be habitually infatuated with Najarra. Dances With Films is regarded as Über Cool and has been defiantly indie since 1998 and thanks to the immaculate talents of Miss Najarra Townsend, we’re in for an exceptional viewing pleasure in 2016.

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