IFS Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Indie Sweetheart Anna Moore



Award-winning actress Anna Moore is so easy on the eyes, many of us would be enthused with her right off the bat. Premiering at the IFS Film Fest on May 30th, she can be seen in “America Is Still The Place” alongside Mike Colter who as we know will take on the superhero mantle of “Luke Cage” this year. Set in 1971, this drama takes us back to a time of the racial injustice endured by Charlie Walker, a black Korean War veteran and his attempts to clean up Stinson Beach in Marin County. From the stills of the movie (below), it looks like Mike Colter’s Charlie is chatting up Anna’s Sarah and why not when she’s so divine in her 70s hippie garb.


Anna will also appear in the werewolf flick “The Shattering” as Lucy who together with her boyfriend and four friends meet in the woods in the hopes of meeting a medicine man who can cure Lucy’s terminal cancer.

Here’s Anna revealing more about her role in “The Shattering”:

First of all, the catering on The Shattering was divine, the whole production was run by a bunch of fun-loving Italians who were so clever and bright and made each day shine – Film Cartel Entertainment, they call themselves. :o)

Working with Liam McMahon (“Hunger” – Winner Best Debut Feature, 2008 Cannes Film Festival) as my boyfriend in the film was great fun, he’s a goofball and definitely made running through the Los Angeles forests at 2am screaming our heads off hilariously joyful.

The Shattering is being billed as a psychological thriller in the mold of The Blair Witch Project, American Werewolf in London, and Paranormal Activity – this is Director Jason Boritz’ vision for the movie, I actually haven’t seen it yet. I hear it’s very scary…

The entire movie was shot on The Red Camera by the brilliant Director of Photography, Dan Adlerstien. His footage is absolutely stunning. Every shot looks like a Degas painting, or so said Ward Perry, the film’s British writer. And Malee Nerenhausen was one of the producers, she was GREAT to work with every day, kept everyone laughing the things running smoothly.

It was quite fun when we moved the shoot from the Los Angeles forests to the woods of Topanga – I absolutely ADORE Topanga and it was literally a dream come true to shoot a feature film there. I got into my car and drove to work each evening up the Pacific Coast Highway, how can you beat that? It was exquisite to do so much work outside – a great many of the scenes were shot outdoors and that’s the best, there is so much gorgeous nature around Southern California…

Because the movie took place mostly at night, we did weeks and weeks of night shoots… I was entirely nocturnal by the time the film wrapped, sleeping from 10am to 4pm for days afterward, it was very spooky. I had a promotional photo shoot for another film a few days after we wrapped The Shattering, and I remember coming to that set with these wild wide eyes from having slept all day, it was great.

Actually, my older sister got married during the shooting of The Shattering, and I told the producers that if they were going to cast me in it, they were going to have to give me my sister’s wedding weekend off. They agreed, and I ended up shooting scenes all night the night before her wedding, wrapping at 8am, getting driven to the airport, hoping on a plane at 10am, and then walking off the plane and into my sister’s wedding ceremony!

I was the Maid of Honor and I gave this wonderful speech for the wedding on absolutely no sleep. It was just heavenly, though, to be able to be working on a film and see my sister down the aisle in the same day. After the ceremony I danced as long as I could and then I pretty much fell asleep on my father’s shoulder at one point, so he put me to bed. I was up again the next morning and back on a plane to shoot that night… Perfection.

Evidently Anna lives and breathes all that is enthralling about the world of film and she’s all about being immersive when in character. We are itching to find out what’s in the pipeline for Anna as a beguiling storyteller.

Remember to check out the ANNA MOORE OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest news.

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