Dances With Films 2016 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Arielle Raycene


Fuelling our affection for the new generation of indie darlings is the alluring Arielle Raycene who is set to captive us at 2 Film Festivals in 2016. She stars in the short film “How I Killed Pistol Rogers” as Clover Bates who is part of the clique of popular schoolgirl Pistol Rogers. Behind Clover’s innocent smile is a girl with a dark past so expect to be bedazzled by her guile. Arielle certainly has the curves and feminine wiles to play a bad girl if that is indeed who her character Clover will be. Before the Jun 4th premiere of “How I Killed Pistol Rogers” at Dances With Films, catch her this Sunday, May 29th in the bizarre yet fascinating “Inside Scarlett”. It’s about an agoraphobic girl who discovers she is pregnant but has delusions that the father of her unborn child is a stuffed animal named “Chicken”! The trailer (above) seems to suggest she was in a threesome with the lead Isabelle Gardo’s Scarlett. It’s never too early to highlight the wonders of the very foxy Arielle and those lucky enough to be at Dances With Films will find her mighty appealing too.


Arielle has definitely found her groove playing fascinating women in a swath of indie flicks and she does have the loveliness that could light up the small screen. She will appear in the the 5th Season of “Deadly Sins” although I can envision her in a show such as “Pretty Little Liars”. In fact Arielle has a stunning disposition and a hot bod that’s primed for Summer, drawing comparisons with one of PLL’s leading ladies namely Ashley Benson a.k.a Hanna. We shouldn’t stop celebrating the sexiest women on the planet and Arielle may just have the swoon-worthy appeal to leave us all smitten.

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