IFS Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Denise Woelpern


Denise Woelpern is a stirring jewel of the independent scene and she will have many of us saying ‘Du bist so hübsch’ in no time. She is after all a most strikingly gorgeous German actress who is the leading lady of the action thriller “The Lone Road”. She stars as Elizabeth, a woman who stumbles on a murder that involves a sleazy prominent figure in a remote town. Just when she thought her life couldn’t get any worse having caught her cheating boyfriend in the act, her instincts to survive are put through the ultimate test as she’s hunted down for being the witness of a sadistic crime. On June 2nd, catch the premiere of “The Lone Road” at this year’s IFS Film Fest to see if Denise’s Elizabeth can turn the tables on her pursuers. She’s quite the stunner wielding a hand gun (see pic below) so expect her to tough it out and be enticing till the end of the reel. It’s awesome that Denise’s character is the epicentre to this suspenseful story and she imbues her heroine with spirited poise. In an industry where aspiring actresses can develop into big names, Denise may yet one day emulate the success of her fellow German actresses such as Diane Kruger and Nora Tschirner.


Bold and beautiful on screen, Denise is also affably generous offscreen, going out of her way to give her fans like me details on her impending roles.

Here’s Denise sharing news about her upcoming film “In The Woods” and a slice of her life away from the camera:

I actually get cast mostly for dark dramas or action based movies, which is what I prefer. I have stage combat skills and therefore like doing action films. Also, I speak 3 languages and I like working on different accents. I got cast as the lead in a feature film called “In The Woods”. It is loosely based on the Red Riding Hood fable Here is the plot: ‘In a land of fantasy and fables;The village of Crescenmoor is in disarray as mauled Bodies begin piling up as a Blood Moon approaches.

A sheltered young woman named Lily lives in fear after surviving a horrific tragedy 10 years prior,

A tragedy which would later be rewritten as the tale “Little Red Riding Hood”.

The arrival of a stranger changes everything and Lily soon finds herself in a tangled web of love and fear while being pursued by a vicious Killer.’

Eventually the director wants to continue the story and development of the character Lily in a separate series where she becomes a werewolf hunter and we see her develop from a sheltered girl to a tough and strong woman.

Also, I am cast as the lead in a fan film series called “Streets of Rage: Defiance” as Blaze. It is about a young undercover ex police woman and her partner who fight crimes undercover. It is gonna be very gritty and rough. It’s gonna look really cool. So far, I shot about 31 projects. many of them in the leading role. The characters I played range from an Angel of Death (on vimeo), an underground boxer, a young woman battling depression etc. I get cast a lot for dark drama and action based films. That’s what I love most.

I’m very dedicated to my work, which is acting. So I send most of my time preparing for auditions, scripts and improving my skills like different accents, stage combat and voice training. I’ve been taking vocal lessons for years and have always been a fitness nerd smile emoticon I grew up playing volleyball in a team, kickboxing and all other kinds of fitness. Health and fitness is very important to me. I eat healthy and try to live a healthy lifestyle as well with yoga and meditation.

Do check out the DENISE WOELPERN OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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