Indie Sweethearts Sizzling Up IFS Film Festival 2016 – Part 2

Alison Sieke in “Appleton”


– From the world of television to the thought-provoking spirit of indie films, Alison Sieke is a flawless beauty with a polished substance and will surely rank high as must-watch talent at this year’s IF Film Fest.
– She’s a mesmerising presence as Maddy Ballister, the fearless young woman on a collision course with the man responsible for killing her father. Set in the cold of winter, this is a thriller full of heated tension bolstered by Alison’s sterling performance.
– Here is a charismatic actress/model who would readily find admiration from festival-goers and Alison’s star can only get brighter in 2016.

Deanna Pak in “Elina”


– Showing her flair as a dramatic actress, Deanna Pak tackles racism in her latest film “Elina” as a girl of mixed race who is constantly being tormented by her jobless stepdad. Can she find a way to rise above the incessant bullying?
– She is the epitome of lusciousness from head to toe, her kissable lips are as bewitching as her endearing energy which has seen Deanna garner numerous plaudits from many in the acting and modelling world.
– If you haven’t already, check out one of Deanna’s many absorbing moments such as in the slasher “Prom Ride” where her character Junie goes through some harrowing moments.

Lexi Moeller in “The Lone Road”


– Lexi Moeller stars as Jules, the best friend of Denise Woelpern’s character Elizabeth (whom i just featured) in “The Lone Road” and the duo go on a fateful road trip to allay their worries only to be plunged into a fight for their lives.
– She’s a fixture on the indie horror scene having emerged at the Buffalo Niagara Film Fest 2014 in the suspenseful “Nobody’s Perfect” and following that up with another survival horror flick “The Horror” as well as serial killer feature “The Locksmith”.
– Her penchant for taking on the darker facets of life on screen hasn’t stop Lexi from showcasing her aptitude in conveying diverse, festival-worthy performances.

Jessica Cameron in “South 32”


– Horror auteur and Scream Queen Jessica Cameron is a class act having dazzle us as a director/producer/actress on top of being one of the most desirable women to consistently illuminate the indie world.
– Yet again, she’s part of a tense, psychological melodrama in the ensemble thriller “South 32” that focuses on Delilah (Melissa Archer), a woman who having been traumatised by bullying as a child is involved in a murder whodunit.
– Among her intriguing upcoming projects are “Utero” as an unwed mother who thinks her unborn child is more beastly than human and the nightmarish flick “An Ending”.

Rachel Sondag in “Be Good For Rachel”


– The beautiful Rachel Sondag is blessed with inexhaustible talents having wrote, produced and starred in the poignant short film “Be Good For Rachel” as a struggling actress who is nursing a broken heart.
– She also prominently guest-starred opposite one of the great thespians of our time Patrick Stewart in the TV series “Blunt Talk” as Sally the eco-activist wife of the emotionally erratic Duncan Adler (Jason Schwartzman).
– Her likeable factor as a comedienne and inspiring notable performances should have us all affording Rachel more than a round of praises.

Kristin Keating in “Innocent Sleep”


– Strikingly elegant Kristin Keating has often been pictured as divine in indie cinema and on stage, attaining an esteemed reputation for her effervescence. Being a former runaway model for Elite, it’s easy to see why she’s accessible and easy on the eyes.
– Catch her in “Innocent Sleep”, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s Macbeth, only this version sees the wife of a military men (Allison Volk as the fiesty Katherine) inveigling him to kill the king at a state dinner.
– A cert to be an attraction at film festivals, Kristin’s future projects will be fondly tracked as they cover multiple genres from sci-fi to historical drama.

Monica Barbaro in “America Is Still The Place”


– With Monica Barbaro adding spice to Season 2 of “Unreal” as the Jewish Blogger Yael, 2016 could yet be the breakthrough year for this most comely up and comer especially after notable guest-starring turns on “Hawaii Five-0” as well as “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”.
– Just from the trailer of “America Is Still The Place” (above), we can affirm she’s blessed with sex appeal (look at her oh so cleavage-friendly top!) and Monica would probably be a certified temptress in any era, never mind the 70s.
– If ever there was a comedienne to be thrilled about then Monica is going to be the one of the hottest burgeoning names in the genre.

Presciliana Esparolini in “Petro”


– Having only recently sung her praises in early May, the vivacious Presciliana Esparolini returns to give us another glimpse of her entrancing charms. It was on the TV show “Game Of Silence” that we became acquainted with her sweetness.
– She’s in the dramatic short “Petro” about a boy getting into an altercation with an auto shop owner whilst skateboarding to his home.
– Presciliana is slated to appear in the actioner about an unknown marksman gunning down American snipers called “Sniper: Ghost Shooter” which also has Dennis Haybert and Billy Zane in the cast.

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