Hoboken International Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Sizzling Cutie Mia Topalian


The cinematic revelry at Hoboken is mere days away so giving blossoming talent Mia Topalian an early endorsement is a must. June is the month to embrace the women dazzling up film festivals and with so many running at the same time, the enchanting Mia is well on our radars with her turn in the TV Pilot “End It All Now”. It stars Zach Galligan famed for the Gremlins franchise who is Mr Knox, a teacher and sometime shrink to his array of colourful students. Mia plays the angsty Tori Glass who suffers from a personality disorder but can Mr Knox cure her malaise? Many will warm up to her this sprightly beauty of Armenian / Norwegian descent and she did indeed enthral in the indie comedy “Hibiscus”. As the recently deceased and resurrected (with help from a cemetery worker) young lady Teresa, she dazzles as this anomaly of a person who realises her second shot at life is tragically for a mere 3 days. Her easy-going loveliness suggests Mia could yet indeed be a promising romantic leading lady.

On the small screen, Mia has guest-starred on “Criminal Minds” as Andrea Gambrell, a survivor of the UnSub known as the Magic Man who experimented on her and others in order to find the elixir of eternal life. Mia efficaciously marked her character’s distress all the while trying her utmost to cease the twisted plans of the psychopath who entrapped her. Be it the darker or lighter sides of a narrative, she’s validated her knack for storytelling and is inevitably on her way to attain an assemblage of admirers.

Don’t forget to visit the MIA TOPALIAN OFFICIAL SITE for more updates.

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