Must Watch Indie Darlings @ Dances With Films 2016 – Part 1

Camille Mana in “Oh Em Gee”


– Dances With Films is the ideal platform to form an attachment to the vivacious Camille Mana and when you see her new feature, you’ll be literally saying “Oh My Lord”!
– Her short “Oh Em Gee” poses the age old question “Can We Live Without Our Phone?” within an amusingly romantic narrative. With Camille in the role of God (shades of Morgan Freeman from “Bruce Almighty” perhaps), she’s way more inviting of course.
– With her venturing into producing duties most recently working on the short “Carnal Orient” which premiered at SlamDance 2016 and going onto numerous notable film festivals, she’s the Asian enchanter the world needs to endorse.

May Grehan in “Pop-Up”


– May stars as Scream Queen Yana in “Pop-Up”, the ensemble drama of interweaving storylines about 3 people whose lives are thrown into a tailspin in one moment. She’s part of the innovative film within a film called “Bloodgate”, a slasher with an ingenious kill scene!
– She did fascinate viewers in the alien invasion sci-fi horror of “The Army Within” in 2015 and gave us an inkling that she’s an entrancing fresh face to approve of.
– Blossoming Australian actresses are are all the rage and May Grehan is steadily making a name for herself, hot on the heels of her fellow thesps such as Alycia Debnam-Carey of “Fear The Walking Dead” fame as well as Angourie Rice from “The Nice Guys”.

Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber in “Kiss and Tell”


– The undeniable sereneness of Elizabeth Hirsch-Tauber whenever she puts on her fetching smile is more than enough to warrant undivided affection.
– We’ll all experience the awkwardness of a first kiss and in “Kiss and Tell”, Elizabeth is a vision of vulnerability as the girl who gets turned off by her date who tries to smooch her. Her honesty comes across with effortlessly and audiences will respond in kind.
– She also stars as Audrey, a struggling actor navigating the harsh waters of Tinseltown in “Hollywood and Sunset” which premieres at the upcoming Las Vegas Film Festival on Jun 12.

Jenna St John in “Dinner With The Alchemist”


– Jenna St John is proving to be an adept storyteller having crafted the compelling supernatural drama “Dinner With The Alchemist”. This actress/writer/producer rivetingly brings to life this indie horror film set in early 20th Century New Orleans.
– Incorporating romance, a collection of intriguing characters including the voodoo priestess Marie Laveau and a murder mystery that’s culled from historical fact, she’s definitely shining as an emerging screenwriter. Oh and she also happens to be eye-catching in it!
– As an actress, Jenna St John is in vamp mode in the upcoming grindhouse style action horror “You’re F@#K’N Dead!” that’s soaked with sex and gore.

Jessa Zarubica in “Atomic Couple!”


– It’s only a matter of time before we start lauding the enigmatic Jessa Zarubica and she’s quickly piquing our interest with her soon to be released features that has its roots in vastly different eras.
– She’s the star of “Atomic Couple” as Maggie, a once gifted nurse from the 60s who has to confront the realities of her marriage in the midst of a nuclear war. With 2 screenings at Dances With Films and the Las Vegas Film Fest, Jessa is destined to mesmerize us.
– Her star looks to be in the ascendancy especially with her upcoming role in “Jekyll Island” alongside some of my favorite actresses namely Dianna Agron and Maggie Q.

Jane Badler in “Virtual Revolution”


– Jane Badler is prominent for being a Sex Symbol and one of the greatest icons in sci-fi history thanks to her unforgettable performances as the saucy yet powerful alien leader Diana from the immensely popular 80’s series “V”.
– She is returning to her sci-fi roots in the European cyberpunk flick “Virtual Revolution” where in 2047, most of the planet’s inhabitants have adopted the practice of living in virtual worlds. From her interview (above), Jane still has the yummy sex appeal going on.
– Jane embodied the model of female sensuality which was unheard of back in the day and so until now her many fans around the globe still view her as their obsession!

Kerry Barker in “You Can’t Hear Me”


– Catch the ravishing Kerry Barker in “You Can’t Hear Me”, a satire about communication that’s become so vastly divergent during the 21st century. She also pulls double duty as the casting director of this short film.
– She does indeed have a heavenly and lovable disposition which she has has validated on the big as well as small screens. Her sweet personality does come to the fore and that’s a precious quality to engage her numerous admirers.
– Kerry has also had her riveting moments on television having guest-starred on “Criminal Minds” and just last year on “Castle”.

Lizz Carter in “Breaking Legs”


– Strikingly attractive with a refined grace, Lizz Carter continues to ardently nestle in our hearts irrespective of whether she’s a good or bad girl onscreen. She does have a juicy role in the family friendly “Breaking Legs” which celebrates what it means to have a dream.
– Don’t miss her as Lala Swoon (from her photogenic features she’s certainly swoon-worthy), the dance teacher who could be the one to develop newbie Bloom (Liv Southard) into an accomplished dancer .
– Her pursuits on TV has seen her eye-catching moments on shows such as “Nashville” alongside Connie Britton and most recently “Grandfathered” with John Stamos.

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