Seattle International Film Fest 2016 Spotlight: Angela DiMarco


Angela DiMarco is one of the most engaging talents to have ever grace the indie scene and this sweetheart is set to steal our hearts come June 3. She stars in in the gripping “Paralytic” as Clarissa, a killer who crosses path with fellow hired gun Carson (her husband David Hogan) which stirs up a hornet’s nest in spite of their budding romance. As the founders of Mighty Tripod Productions, the loving couple of Angela and David produced the suspenseful “Paralytic”, their first full length feature which will keep us on the edge of our seats at this year’s SIFF Film Fest.

Everyone will rave about her delectable poise and she’s excelled in memorable guises such as Abby, a woman encountering dangerous alien entities in “The Device” and as Robin, the fiancee who envisions marriage with her lesbian partner in the supernatural tinged “Brides To Be”. We can’t get enough of these female-driven stories which as we know throbs with a tapestry of rich drama. More reason to look forward to Angela’s upcoming horror flick “The Rectory” where she plays the supporting role of Stella Cranshaw. She’s an important figure in the life of paranormal investigator Harry Price as he returns to the old Borley Rectory, England’s most haunted house to face its restless spirits. Just like Vera Farmiga’s Lorraine Warren in “The Conjuring 2”, Angela exudes the requisite charisma as Stella who is a renowned psychic and famously lauded as ‘The Electric Girl’. Angela may yet earned her place as one of the finest actress to light up the indie scene.

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