Dances With Films 2016 Spotlight: Caroline Macey


Caroline Macey has the effusively vibrant personality that’s deserving of continual adoration and she’s yet again a luminous face at prestigious film festivals. She’s one of the stars in the compelling “Move Me” that tells of a couple encountering a bewildering man who can only move when he’s touched while they’re on a hiking trip! Screening concurrently at Dances With Films as well as the Hoboken International Film Fest, this is a short film that’s going to ‘Move’ more than just our hearts. As Penny, the BFF of Taryn (Catherine Parker), one half of the couple who found the “Tree Man” (in Penny’s words), look out for Caroline to add comedic flavour sprinkled with charming wittiness on the side. She’s channelled her irresistable, playful spirit into many of her roles, notably just last year in “The Exes” in the very first scene as Wayne Knight’s spiritual bohemian masseuse Star.

When one is as talented as Caroline, you would foresee her having a great range which she pulled off so wonderfully as a guest-star on “Grey’s Anatomy”. As a distraught mother, she had some emotional scenes alongside Ellen Pompeo in a splendid performance. Caroline is a much loved fixture on this blog and with her dazzling exploits as a festival darling, she’s going to receive loads of earnest love. She also happens to be at the red carpet revelry of Dances With Films so you might just be lucky enough to spot her too!

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