Exclusive Interview With Rising Starlet Mary Galloway


The radiantly gorgeous Mary Galloway is blossoming into one of the brightest screen sirens in Canada and she’s en route towards global adulation too. At the prestigious Leo Awards 2016 on June the 5th, she is a nominee for Best Supporting Performance by a Female in a Motion Picture thanks to her memorable role in the thought-provoking LGBT themed drama “Fire Song”. Set at a tightly knit First Nations community, her emotionally textured portrayal of the luckless in love Tara whose boyfriend Shane (Andrew Martin) is secretly queer rivetingly tows the edges of heartbreak

Mary has also garnered another accolade, the On Set Headsets Newcomer Award which will be presented to her at The Women in Film & Television Vancouver Awards Gala on June 20. Thanks to the ever gracious Mary, she’s so kindly given this interview so read on and be smitten with this soon-to-be IT girl in 2016 and beyond!

1. Congrats on your Best Supporting Actress Nomination at the Leo Awards 2016! How do you feel about being a nominee for your divine performance in “Fire Song” at such a prestigious award ceremony?

Thank you! I’m quite awestruck and extremely grateful! Grateful for Adam Garnet Jones (director of Fire Song) and the producers for taking a chance on a B.C. girl when they were only really looking for Ontario based performers. Grateful to the Leo’s and their judges for the nomination, and just plain excited to be acknowledged in a category among so many talented women whom I look up to and who greatly inspire me.

2. Could you tell us what were your best moments of playing Tara in “Fire Song”, the woman whose love is seemingly unrequited thanks to her boyfriend’s desire for a male partner?

The best moments from Fire Song…there’s a lot! It was such a fantastic bunch of people both behind and in front of the camera it’s hard to pick. I’d say the scenes where the group of teens are hanging out having fun–those were always interesting days/nights! We all got along so well, and really supported each other. Another memorable time on this shoot was when, partway through filming, we traveled as a group up to Wabigoon Lake and we stayed in a little family-run lodge where the rooms didn’t even have locks on them and the location was breath-taking.


3. As a romantic leading lady, do you think that love so often has a tragic side which “Fire Song” potrays with such multi-layered resonance?

I think love does so often have a tragic side. Wrong time, wrong place, wrong situation where things are inevitably going to come to an end. Though, I do think Fire Song did a great job of showing both sides to it. Because you are right, there are so many layers involved in love, and for me, the writing and finished project felt very authentic to the way real life often plays out for people on the reservation.

4. In your opinion, why have Canadian talents become so appealing in the eyes of the world and what are your ambitions as an actress?

Have they? Haha, I’m glad you think so! Often it feels like an up-hill battle for Canadian actors when leading roles are so often cast out of L.A.. However, there are these gems that get made here-and-there like Fire Song where they cast 100% Canadian talent (and 100% First Nations to boot!) and they have had many successes. I think the appeal for American productions to come to Canada is in the dollar being so low right now; they can save so much by bringing their production here. And they come back when they realize what a strong talent pool of cast and crew Canada has. My ambitions as an actress are to become a role model to future generations, particularly the Aboriginal youth who may not realize that they can go for their dreams. It’s hard to follow your heart when it’s something as unstable as acting, or any art for that matter. I think it is very important not to be discouraged, but rather be encouraged by your family and community. I’d like to be a part of the community supporting Aboriginal youth to realize and achieve their dreams.

5. Could you tell us more about your upcoming projects and what is the dream role that most appeals to you?

My next role is a girl named Kaly in Kathleen Hepburn’s “Never Steady, Never Still”. The production actually just wrapped this week. I feel very fortunate to have been a part of it. Among many other awards–it is the winner of the Women In The Director’s Chair Award. And the short film (she made of the same title) is also in the running for a Leo–or rather 6! I also plan on making my directing debut this year with my short film called “Unintentional Mother”. A dream role for me? I love films that take you to another universe or time, where the sets and costumes are so different from what real life is like today but the stories still resonate. I also hope to do a comedy one of these days!

Here are some links for fans to keep up with the latest updates on this most luscious Canadian up and comer:

Mary Galloway Actor page on Facebook is:
Twitter @MissMGalloway
Instagram @MissMaryGalloway

Unintentional Mother Facebook page:

Fire Song Facebook page:

Never Steady, Never Still Facebook page:

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