Hoboken International Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Indie Darling Jillie Simon


Lovably endearing and supremely talented Jillie Simon will leave viewers desiring her as they embrace her entertaining feature this week. In the short film “Hungry”, she stars as Allison Lenare, a grade school teacher who tragically finds out that her students have been thrown off the free school-lunch program. To stop the injustice, the perennially shy Allison musters up the courage to voice her concerns to a Congressman (Eric Roberts) so that the children don’t go famished. As you will discover from watching the films that are screening at this edition of the Hoboken Film Fest, the invasion of the ravishing redheads fronted by the delightful Jillie is upon us. You might suggest she’s indeed crave-worthy considering she directed as well as wrote “Hungry” and breathes such ebullience into this fascinatingly touching story as the screen heroine. Her representation of positivity (be it in a fictional sense) is so needed in this era of uneasiness and she is very much the heart of what is a tale of hope.

In 2015, Jillie won the Award of Merit for her leading role in “Hungry” at the The Indie Fest Film Awards and do expect plenty more commendations to come her way whether in trophy form or critical praise. She’s endowed with that undeniable jovial spark, holding her in good stead whenever she brings the funny to audiences. Jillie is one of the most cultured actresses of the moment and is all set to thread the golden path of indie fandom.

Do visit the JILLIE SIMON OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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