Indie Sweethearts To Crave @ Hoboken International Film Festival 2016 – Part 1

Natalie Britton & Briana Marin in “Flatbush Luck”


– We always jump in jubilation when Dances With Films comes around each year and in Natalie Britton as well as Briana Marin, we are going to be treated to 2 actresses who just glow in indie films.
– The angelic Natalie stars as Joanna, the barista who manages to turn Jimmy, one half of the crime caper’s leading men from narcissistic jackass into a more honourable husband material. Natalie’s a pure delight in every scene!
– The ravishing Briana plays Barbara, a wife who faces danger from her crooked husband Sam. The big update about Briana’s soon to be hot career is that she’ll be joining Season 3 of NBC’s The “Night Shift” in a recurring role.

Deborah Twiss in “Confidence Game”


– Multi-talented entertainer Deborah Twiss is to be revered with passion and she’s a surefire dazzler in June. As this is written, she’s casting a beguiling spell on the red carpet at this year’s Hoboken Film Festival.
– Deborah is the director,writer and star of “Confidence Game” as Jessica, a con artist forced into a life of crime by the headstrong Sylvie (Sean Young). Fearlessly sultry, Deborah entices throughout as the film’s femme fatale!
– This most curvaceous and ravishing redhead can also be seen in the zombie-like infection thriller “After The Outbreak” and the comedy “Hospital Arrest”.

Molly Ryman in “Leaving”


– Molly is a shining example of being richly talented and she captivates from start to finish in the short film “Leaving” as Emily Hemming who habitually leaves her family even though her bond with each member is seemingly strong.
– She did indeed won for Best Actress in a Short Fantasy thanks to her memorable performance in “Leaving”. That should be incentive enough to follow this remarkable actress as she keeps things interesting in her future projects.
– Molly belongs to the breed of actresses who have the natural ability to light up film festivals. Back in 2014, she was a scene stealer in the drama “Ink & Steel” as Vanessa, bold single mother whose home is invaded by an aging mobster.

Sonja O’Hara in “Lonely Boys”


– Sonja O’ Hara is an enduring honey of the indie world and with good reason. She prominently wrote and enchantingly starred in the dramedy “Ovum” which was thoroughly well received at several film festivals.
– Keep your eyes fixated on her in the romantic comedy “Lonely Boys” about a pair of lost souls as they look for solace when things don’t go their way in life. In addition to being beguiling in the film, she’s been perennially raved about on this blog!
– As a film-maker, Sonja is definitely on the rise and with her arrestingly surrealistic pilot “Doomsday” that delves into the lives of an eccentric commune being lauded by IndieWire, she could well be crafting a cult hit for the modern generation.

Emily Tremaine in “Frontman”


– Very much coveted in the eyes of the world having been on the hit show “Vinyl”, Emily is sure to have us intrigued once more as this strikingly beautiful actress mesmerises us in the short “Frontman”.
– From the clip of the scenes in “Frontman” (above), she’s effortlessly classy as Lydia, the manipulative manager of Jodie King, a rich and famous rock star who stresses that he can’t back out of his sold-out tour.
– Be sure to keep Emily on your radars as she’s about to take on a juicy upcoming role. In the drama series “Guilt”, she stars as Natalie Atwood, a Boston prosecutor who heads to London after her sister Grace is accused of murder.

Sean Young in “VIDEOLA”


– Another legend of the screen, Sean Young has always been an obsession for mainstream as well as indie devotees. The level of sensuality she has is still evident and she has the face that the cameras will continue to love.
– In the mystery thriller “VIDEOLA”, Sean delivers a deep, abundantly striking performance as Gail Moody, a woman whose has a missing family member, triggering an influx of forgotten tragedies from the past.
– Don’t miss her in “Confidence Game” as Sylvie, the villain of the piece who has a tight stranglehold on her employee, the con-woman Jessica (Deborah Twiss) and as she always has been, a revelation in this most wicked capacity.

Katie Vincent in “Before The Snow”


– There’s a lissome splendour when describing the appeal of the beautiful Katie Vincent and her penchant for being a regular on the indie scene can only win her massive brownie points from fans around the world.
– She got our attention last year as the leading lady of “Prego”, a humorous short that saw her excelled as Emily whose one night stand with a guy sees her getting pregnant. She then realises that the would be father of her child is not quite up to scratch!
– Katie can be seen in the fascinating drama called “Before The Snow” which has been a favourite on the festival circuit. It’s a portrait of a man facing the reality of his tattered past after being diagnosed with a terminal disease.

Lynn Lowry & Carmela Hayslett in “Pretty Fine Things”


– When it comes to the always saucy Lynn Lowry, we should have a crush on this legendary Scream Queen. Her impactful diversity in female-driven roles that define both good and evil is testament of her exceptional qualities as an entertainer.
– Carmela lives and breathes horror, having been a horror host and now thrilling us horror fans with her kooky turns in numerous indie features. She has a subtle mien and an individuality that captivates on any medium.
– Both these lovely ladies are slated to appear in the twisted “Pretty Fine Things” where we are taken on a ride into the sick world of the Banner Family. Their choice of victims are young girls who are lured into the Banner home and summarily massacred.

Krista Robelle & Tammy Jean in “A Place In Hell”


– When a horror film like “A Place In Hell” is graced by 2 of most inviting duo blonde Scream Queens, it’s a must to have them on this blog as after all this did start off as my shrine to up and coming actresses with the ever so slight proclivity for blondes…:)
– Krista may be a fresh face in indie horror but she’s already enraptured many a viewer with her babe in the woods sex appeal and magnetic pleasantness. She’s also starring in “Pretty Young Things” ensuring a feast for our eyes.
– Her memorably dark roles have propelled Tammy Jean into becoming one of the most fascinating women in modern horror. She was notably riveting in “Sociopathia” as Mara, an introvert with an appetite for killing her female lovers

Kelly Mullis in “Coitus Of The Week”


– With a name like Bambi Busch on a raunchy TV pilot such as “Coitus Of The Week”, odds on that we can’t wait to take a peek at Kelly’s character, especially since it’s set in the world of pro athletes competing in bed, in front of a live audience!
– She has previously portrayed Marilyn Monroe in the short film “Bombshell” which reveals the last days of Marilyn Monroe and she’s put in quite the charming, evocative depiction of the famed icon.
– An entertainer by nature, Kelly is all about the dedication whenever she essays a role and has a vivaciousness that’s so attractive. Whether on stage, film or television, she’s exemplifies the soul of being an artist.

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