Actress Spotlight: Lindsay Musil


Your TV screens are about to get steamy on Jun 6th as Lindsay Musil stirs your senses in the sophomore season of Lifetime Channel’s “Unreal” as the very enticing Beth Ann, one of the new contestants of the reality dating show ‘Everlasting’. Beth Ann is no ordinary gal from the South as she reveals her sensitive side in refusing to wear a Confederate bikini-wearing for the cameras after finding out that the suitor Darius Hill is an African American. However Beth Ann has been seen in the contentious bikini during parts of the trailers (above) as well as several promo pics so is this the twist of television magic purported by show runner whiz Rachel Goldberg (Shiri Appleby)? Such is the cleverness of “Unreal” to tie in the complexity of its female characters and putting them in situations provoking great debate. Lindsay is destined to surprise viewers at every turn and make you swoon with equal measure as the controversial courting Beth Ann, having been cast to rock the boat on ‘Everlasting’.


I am blessed to be in contact with Lindsay who is by a long mile one of the nicest actresses of her generation. Having guest-starred in “Scream: The TV Series”, her introduction into the absorbing world of the critically acclaimed “Unreal” could put her in the limelight as a breakout star in 2016. Rest assured eyes will be fixated on Lindsay from the very first episode as the premiere on Lifetime Asia on Tuesday, 10pm local time where I currently reside in Singapore is wildly anticipated. Lindsay also has 3 movies coming out soon which has her alongside a wealth of luminaries that include Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, Christian Bale, Steve Carell, Samaire Armstrong, Gina Gershon and Danny Trejo. Starring with Samaire Armstrong in the upcoming “Carter and June”, Lindsay rates her role as a bank robber as being one of her favourites. This comely blonde is undeniably catching fire at the most opportune of times!

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