Dances With Films 2016 Spotlight: Indie Sweetheart Aina Dumlao


Aina Dumlao is steadily entrenching herself in our hearts and this week, she delivers one of the most emotionally compelling performances in a short film. She is the lead in “The Return”, a short about modern-day slavery that’s about to hit Dances With Films and tons of film festivals. Already a a picture of elegance on the red carpet at Dances With Films, come June 7 we get to see her as Ligaya, a Filipino house maid held against her will in America. The anguish and helplessness etched on Ligaya’s face is palpable thanks to the credible affectation created by the talented Aina. Enslaved by an upper class family, her salvation might yet come from an eagle-eyed mailman who hatchets a plan for her escape. “The Return” addresses the tragedy of human enslavement which up to today still impacts countless immigrants in the US as well as the whole world.

It will be of huge interest to see what type of challenging personas Aina will take on in the future as she’s already shown her capabilities as the dramatic centre of a story. She’s also making headway behind the scenes as a filmmaker; Aina owns a production company and directs/produces/writes commercials as well as short films. Her production company is This triple threat performer is representing Asian talents impeccably so it’s time to shower her with love.

Do visit the AINA DUMLAO OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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