Dances With Films 2016 Spotlight: Screen Siren Diane Robin


When one has the sassy elegance and sexy curves like actress Diane Robin, we are most certainly besotted. She stars in “Dating Daisy”, the unconventional romantic comedy of 2 souls encircled in an on-again/off-again relationship. Those priviliged enough to attend Dances With Films would be able to see her in attendance at the premiere of “Dating Daisy”. Diane is regal from head to toe with a tease of sex appeal via her cleavage friendly dress. After all if you have it, just go ahead and flaunt it which Diane does with aplomb!

Here’s Diane talking about her character in “Dating Daisy” and a tease of her upcoming projects:

I loved my part in Dating Daisy, I play Eleanor, the pushy funny Mom of Daisy’s boyfriend who can’t stand Daisy! I want him to marry my friends daughter. I was in the original Robocop, playing Chandra, and now they are doing a documentary film called RoboDoc, we’re filming this summer, can’t wait!

I also costar in a film called Holiday Breakup coming out this year starring Manon Mathews, I play her Mom.

It’s great to know that she will be starring alongside Katie Leclerc of “Switched at Birth” as both have the perceptible vivaciousness that’s captivating. Likewise Diane is sharp on the comic timing which we know is always an endearing facet. The endearingly foxy Diane ensures that sweet spot in our hearts belongs to her.

17 thoughts on “Dances With Films 2016 Spotlight: Screen Siren Diane Robin

  1. I completely agree with this review. While all of the actors did a great job, I thought Diane Robin really made this movie. Her character was so relatable (O.K., yes, I’m a yenta too!) But she brought so much realism to the role and resisted the temptation to play Eleanor as a one-dimensional stereotype, and was great comic relief.

  2. I love Diane Robin. She is not only funny but very sexy. It’s a combination that you don’t see very often. I would love to see her in more things! 💃💃💃

  3. I have known Diane for many years. I agree with all the above comments, beautiful, sexy and the most incredible sense of comedic timing. I only wish someone out there would develop a prime time tv show starring Diane. It would be an absolute winner.

  4. I have known Diane Robin for many years. I agree with all the comments. She is beautiful, sexy and has the most perfect sense of comic timing. I wish someone out there would create a TV sitcom for her to star in. It would be an absolute winner

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