Dances With Films 2016 Spotlight: Rising Starlet Hannah Telle


The beguiling Hannah Telle is sizzling up Dances With Films with her 1-2 punch of stirringly compelling portrayals. After toughing it out as Max in her apocalyptic short film “Flesh and Blood”, she’s starring as Kate as the edgy romantic leading lady in the dramedy “I Live For You”. The gamut of emotions realised by Hannah on screen is worthy of commendation. To have 2 features screening at Dances With Films does bode of a growing reverence for Hannah and with her endearing disposition, she’s surely on the way to big things. In “I Live For You”, Hannah is intriguing from the start as Kate, the enigmatic stepdaughter of Henry, a man he has never met who happens to be the older brother of Sean (Robert Hook). Kate seemingly offers to help Sean find his brother but is she more than meets the eye?

In “Flesh and Blood”, Hannah taps into the psychological arc of the survivalist Max who is looking out for both her dad and sister by fending off the walking dead. She’s a must watch in what is a strong female role within a challenging context. Coincidentally, Hannah is notable for being the voice behind the main protagonist in the video game Life is Strange whose name happens to be Max! What is foreseeable is Hannah’s burgeoning impact as an indie darling to fawn upon with passion.

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