The Sizzling Starlets To Crave @ Soho Film Festival 2016

Dawn Olivieri in “To Whom It May Concern”


– Dawn Olivieri is certifiably a Sex Symbol and she continues to stir our minds as well as our loins in the skin of the most compelling women ever.
– In “To Whom It May Concern”, she will be enthralling as the suicidal Anna who is headed for tragedy when she falls for her neighbour’s boyfriend Sam (Wilmer Valderrama).
– Great to see Dawn make a return to the small screen too, spicing up the 5th Season of “House Of Lies” as the foxy Monica Talbot and also recently guest-starring on “Lucifer”.

Katelyn Pearce in “We Remember”


– Actress/Model Katelyn Pearce is primed to be a fast rising obsession; she’s already sparkling as a brunette bombshell, indie darling and blossoming producer.
– She’s amping the emotional quotient in the short “We Remember” as Allison, the caring sister of a man who is estranged to this dying father.
– This year Katelyn was a co-star in an episode from the sleeper hit “Limitless” as the mysterious and beautiful Olivia.

Carly Brooke in “Mommy’s Box”


– With those luscious lips, Carly Brooke is a kissable cutie making a most lovely impression on the indie scene and on television.
– Carly is a must-watch as the free-spirited Jordana who has a similarity with leading man Nick on music and mothers, wonderfully establishing the crux of the drama “Mommy’s Box”.
– She’s slated to star in the adventure comedy “Abnormal Attraction” with the legendary Malcolm McDowell which is set in the mythical world of co-existence of monsters and men.

Angelica Page, Natalie Wetta & Tjasa Ferme in “79 Parts”


– Riding on the hot trend of movies set in the 70s era such as “The Nice Guys”, “79 Parts” introduces a bevy of beauties that are set to take your breath away.
– Angelica Page, Tjasa Ferme and Natalie Wetta have an appeal that would be a big attraction in any era and the trio’s magnetism is pleasantly mesmeric.
– Each are indie starlets in their own right and when the premiere of “79 Parts” rolls in, envision an upsurge of ardor for these fascinatingly inviting ladies.

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