Canadian Vixen: Naomi Snieckus

 alt=© Dan Abramovic

With her radiant imprint on the world, Canadian actress and improv queen Naomi Snieckus is illuminating the screens both big as well as small. She recently starred in the ensemble comedy “The Steps” as Ellen, the councillor in this good-humoured tale of an utterly dysfunctional family gathering at a reunion. This award winning comedienne joined the likes of James Brolin, Christine Lahti, Jason Ritter & Emmanuelle Chriqui as uniquely kooky personalities that just don’t quite gel just as our family members usually don’t in real life. Best known for being the hilarious Physical Education teacher Bobbi Galka on CBC’s hit “Mr. D” which she garnered 2 nominations for two-time Canadian Screen Award nominee as Best Supporting Actress, she’s a whiz when hitting the sweet spot in comedy. We can sense her enthusiasm in tackling her assortment of comedic roles and evoking laughs from audiences is one of her many enchanting fortes.


Fans are thoroughly addicted to “Mr D” and Naomi is sticking around in Season 5 this year to crack us up once more. Naomi is also guest-starring in “Annedroids”, the family friendly TV series with some of the nicest androids ever seen around us humans. Just like the lovable woman she’s crafter in her accomplished career, Naomi is the embodiment of engaging appeal and is slated to be a beloved talent of Canada as well as the around the globe.

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