Outfest LGBT Film Festival 2016 Spotlight: Chloe Farnworth


We can’t get enough of stirringly beautiful women and the sparkling Chloe Farnworth has our undivided attention in June. She’s the leading lady of the romantic drama “Ava’s Impossible Things” as the spirited Ava and it’s as much a story about mother-daughter bonds as it is one of lesbians in love. In the wake of the tragic Orlando Mass Shooting this past week, movies such as the impactful “Ava’s Impossible Things” assures us that love is very much worth fighting for and should really be gender-free. Chloe is riveting throughout as she takes us into the heart-wrenching world of Ava. There’s also a very long and sexy girl on girl sex scene which of course should leave us craving for more of the tempting Chloe.

Get the tickets to see Chloe sizzle in “Ava’s Impossible Things” here: https://secure.outfest.org/tixSYS/2016/xslguide/eventnote.php?EventNumber=0818


Here’s Chloe giving us a juicy insight into her current and upcoming projects:

Ive been living in Los Angeles for just over 2 years and i’m now a US Citizen yay, I graduated from The Central School of Speech and Drama at 20 years old and then worked in London mostly in Films. The end of 2015 i wrapped the lead and titled role in the LGBT feature film Ava’s Impossible Things directed by award winning director Marina Rice Bader which is premiering at this years Outfest Film Festival on the 16th of July.Last year i also had the honer of working with awarding director Rafi Pitts on the film SOY NEGRO in which i play the role of Freedom and screened in competition at this year Berlin Film Festival. I’m also mid way though filming the Japanese American action film BOND KIZUNA opposite some awesome Japanese and American actors keep an eye out for that.


I also booked a National campaign for MiniCooper running at the moment, a 10 minute short film THIS DAY FORWARD along with a TV campaign directed by Oscar-winning director Joachim Back and a National spot for Panera Bread and also a national spot for American Express and lastly a awesome little role on Nickaldeon’s NICKY RICKY DICKY & DAWN.
Chloe also currently has 2 films out on the SyFy Channel, Hulu and Netflix. ROAD WARS and MARTIAN LAND.

One of the most promising indie talents at the moment, Chloe is sure to find devotion around the world in 2016 and beyond.


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