Indie Sweethearts To Adore @ Outfest LGBT Film Festival 2016

Ally Iseman & Christine Moore in “Wedlocked”


– Thanks to the super talented Ally Iseman and Christine Moore who both produce and star in “Wedlocked”, we get a hilarious take on the absurdist laws governing gay divorce.
– Ally is crafting stories about personal and real-life issues with such verve it becomes such a joy to inculcate an avid fondness for her.
– Christine is notable for her quirky zest and comic presence, having recently been ever so fascinating in the film festival favourite “June, Adrift”.

Joy Darash in “Hunky Dory”


– With her poised sophistication, Joy Darash is an actress that would keep us in rapture whenever she takes to the screens.
– She’s one of the stars in “Hunky Dory” as the feisty Victoria in the tale of a failed glam rocker and the bond he has with his 11-year old son.
– Joy has been working her magic in theater, film, television and even on the web, her appeal very much thriving across each medium.

Grace Rex in “Women Who Kill”


– The hits keep coming for the fetching Grace Rex with her appearance in the satirical “Women Who Kill” about female murderers who happen to be lesbians.
– She recently caught the eye in an episode of the hard hitting series “Blindspot” as well as on “The Good Wife” where she was highly commended by the casting director Mark Saks.
– The glowing commendation will be one of many to be bestowed on the lovely Grace, an ‘IT Girl’ in the making!

Breeda Wool in “AWOL”


– Breeda Wool is by far one of the hottest actresses to have emerged in 2016 and her star is indubitably on the ascendency ever since be it in the comedy or drama genres.
– She’s best remembered for enthralling us as the virginal Faith who turns out to be a lesbian on the first season of the sleeper hit “UnREAL”.
– In “AWOL”, Breeda is the love interest Rayna whom a young woman Joey (Lola Kirke) falls hard for and goes out of her way to be with her very much married paramour.

Michelle Clunie in “Virgin Territory”


– When it comes to iconic lesbian leading ladies, Michelle Clunie is famed for playing the often abrasive Melanie in “Queer As Folk”.
– “Virgin Territory” will see her return to the queer-focused themes in this short film about the burgeoning sexuality of teenager Cassie (Emily Robinson).
– We also can’t wait for Michelle to reprise her role as no-nonsense school teacher Mrs. Finch in “Teen Wolf” when the hit series returns sometime in December.

Jessie Ennis in “Slash”


– Jessie Ennis is undoubtably one of the bright sparks on the 2nd Season of “Better Caul Saul” as Erin Brill, the Type-A trainee lawyer trying to keep Saul on the straight and narrow.
– Likewise in the comedy “Slash”, she captivates once more as Martine, a pregnant high school student who occasionally looks out for erotic fan fiction writer Neil (Michael Johnston).
– Already making her presence felt in comedies that thread both the lighter and darker fare as a leading lady as well as a film-maker, Jessie will be in high demand for years to come.

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