Actress Spotlight: Alison Rood


Rising stars do indeed blossom on television and the talented Alison Rood will be showcasing her charming affront this week. She appears as Officer Meg Frazetta in the 2nd Season of “Aquarius” alongside none other than David Duchovny. Looks like David’s Sam Hodiak has another ally in the form of the enthusiastic Meg who ups the female quotient in the gritty series. In the 2 hour premiere, we already get to see the synergy between the two as they work on cases, some of which will eventually have a connection to the infamous Charles Manson and his demented ‘family’. Can’t wait to see Alison’s Meg to be in the team that takes down the sociopathic architect of Helter Skelter! Tune in to find out the story arc of Alison’s character as she’s in multiple episodes throughout the season.

CSI fans would have seen Alison guest-starring as a survivor of an arson attack on an episode of “CSI:Cyber” last year and this time on “Aquarius”, she’s the one with the law on her side. We’re certainly rooting for the new girl on the LAPD precinct and ensures Alison is very much on our fondness radar. Sweet, bubbly and full of grace, Alison’s track record on TV is wonderfully poised for success.

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