Actress Spotlight: Romi Dias


Glowing beauty Romi Dias is having a great run on television in 2016 and it’s time we acknowledge the admirable grace she brings to the screen. Catch Romi as Detective Jordan Valdez in the new episode ‘N.S.F.W.’ of “Major Crimes” which is into its thrilling 5th Season. Romi is a vision of unflappable poise as Detective Valdez who is consulting on a case involving a porn mogul who deals in barely legal smut. Romi guest-stars alongside Mary McDonnell who plays Sharon Raydor and her intrepid Major Crimes team. Romi makes her entrance in the early moments of this week’s episode so make sure to revel in her assured performance as she’s going to dazzle in several more shows including the upcoming “Queen of the South”.

In “Queen Of The South, Romi appears on the right side of the law once more as Agent Ramirez in this tale about Teresa Mendoza (Alice Braga), a big-time drug kingpin. It’s high time television germinates a culture of headlining compelling Latin female characters and Romi herself is adding her enchanting touch to this transformation. She is also slated to be part of the drama deliciousness in the 4th Season of “Mistresses” and with its sexy often naughty tone, Romi has the innate sultriness to fit right in. We do love our Latin Vixens such as the sweet Miss Romi Dias and she’s more than worthy of our ardor.

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