Hotties On Film, DVD, TV & The Web – 23rd June 2016

Camilla Jackson in “The Last Heist”


– In a must-see performance, Aussie temptation Camilla Jackson is a scene stealer as the bitchy sociopathic robber Ally in the actioner “The Last Heist”.
– She pulls no punches throughout, admonishing people left,right and center during a bank robbery, perfectly capturing the brutal persona of beret-wearing criminal Ally.
– Deliciously enticing is certainly part of Camilla’s makeup and she compliments her attractiveness with captivating illustrations onscreen.

Susana Gibb & Velinda Godfrey in “Element”


– Indie darlings are a fixture on this blog and both Susana Gibb as well as Velinda Godfrey who star in the trippy thriller “Element” are customary enchanters.
– Susana is potently enthralling as Anna, the lover of North, a man who undergoes hypnosis to recall the memory of his dead wife but she’s also more than meets the eye!
– The always vivacious Velinda plays The Messenger, an apparition-like woman who appears before North each time he’s under hypnosis, bearing more questions than answers he needs.

Jackie Moore in “The Mindy Project”


– Blonde Bombshell Jackie Moore luminously sizzles in the newest episode of “The Mindy Project”, guest-starring as a soap actress of the show ‘Tides Of Tomorrow’.
– It so happens to be the very soap that Mindy has designs on for her son to be on, fantasising of how he could play the child of Jackie’s leading lady.
– Jackie is also appearing in the upcoming “WestWorld” and “Confessions of a Hollywood Bartender” ensuring she’s on a much adored run on television.

Kristin Carey in “Starcrossed”


– Kristin Carey is very much cherished and just like my screen heroine Mischa Barton, she’s undoubtedly intriguing in her many incarnations of complex women.
– The enigmatic Kristin does star opposite Mischa in the erotic drama “Starcrossed” as a married woman who competes with her husband in exploiting their younger lovers.
– If there’s an actress with loads of sex appeal then the photogenic Kristin personifies the cornerstone of sensuality that we so often find tantalising.

Constance Brenneman in “Traded”


– The resurgence of Westerns in 2016 might have something to do with the endearing women at its core story just like the ebullient Constance Brenneman in “Traded”.
– She stars as Amelia, the wife of a gunslinger whose family is in the throes of a double tragedy with a recently deceased son and a runaway daughter.
– A mercurial actress, Constance passionately depicts the melancholy of Amelia’s existence, continuing her impeccable stint of playing women in emotional turmoil.

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