Foxy Femme: Mary Christina Brown


The exotic and enticing Mary Christina Brown is a talent of many flavours, establishing herself as a most alluring actress in the indie arena. She stars as Swan alongside Michael Jai White in the high octane actioner “Vigilante Diaries” and is the epitome of all that is fine about being dangerously sexy. As the right hand woman of Michael’s suave character Barrington, she partakes in a fierce girl-on-girl fight scene which we’ll have us thrilled! We do look up to our women of action and Mary has played a great many of them with distinction. In addition to “Vigilante Diaries”, she’s also appeared as the international undercover agent Monica in “AWOL-72” and was breathtakingly kick-ass, spiritedly dolling out the punches as much as taking them on!

Mary’s physicality in tandem with her seductive personality ensures a stream of admirers have her on their pedestal of adoration. Amazingly they’re screening the reality show “The Apartment:Celebrity Edition” right now in Asia which has Mary as one of the contestants. She’s a sizzling face alongside Miss USA 2010 Rima Fakih and many more as they are challenged to design one room or area of luxury villas. In the upcoming musical drama “Coco”, Mary is starring with controversial American rapper, singer and songwriter Azealia Banks which charts the rise of a once struggling hip hop artist. We can’t wait for Mary to spice things up as she attains her own measure of success on film.

Be sure to check out the MARY CHRISTINA BROWN OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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