Vixens To Adore @ FilmQuest Film Festival 2016

Christy Carlson Romano in “Bear With Us”


– Don’t miss the lovely Christie as Quincy, the long-time girlfriend of Colin (Mark Sullivan) who plans to propose to her goes hilariously awry in “Bear With Us”.
– The laughs break out when a voracious bear stumbles upon their cabin and as the couple tries to survive, they meet some kooky characters.
– Christy is set to enchant us behind the screen too on her directorial debut with the upcoming holiday film “Christmas All Over Again” starring Nickelodeon star Sean Ryan Fox.

Amelia Brantley in “Martian American”


– The comely Amelia Brantley stars in the short “Martian American” as Alyssa, a woman who helps to make life fun for a lonesome Martian after his arrival in the US.
– Photogenic and radiantly gorgeous, actress/model Amelia is definitely a face viewers will come to desire in a heartbeat.
– Amelia will thread the horror route in “Krampus Unleashed” that’s about a group of fortune hunters unearthing an ancient demonic summoning stone and awakening the evil Krampus!

Najarra Townsend in “Substance”


– The jewel of the screen, Najarra Townsend’s sensuality and nuanced performances are potently absorbing elevating her to an obsession-worthy ardor.
– Najarra stars in 2 short films, the first in “Substance” as Summer, a woman who is infected by an extra-terrestrial entity during a winter music festival causing her to turn violent!
– The second sees her as Claire, a hairstylist you should never mess with since she has treacherous designs on her latest client in “The Stylist”.

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