The Most Enchanting Indie Darlings @ Palm Springs International ShortsFest 2016

Christie Lynn Smith in “Rated”


– The captivating Christie Lynn Smith and the deep subtext of “Rated” is one of the finest amalgamation of enthralling storytelling in its short form.
– In the richly entertaining “Rated”, she stars as Maggie, a wife and mum who discovers that every adult is tagged with a rating of 5 stars except hers which is a paltry 2.5!
– The judgemental world where Maggie resides is harsh and Christie rivetingly encapsulates the struggles of a woman trying to find acceptance in a rank-based society.

Lauren Orrell in “Happy”


– Australian Model/Actress Lauren Orrell is consistently fascinating and she does so with an affecting magnetism once more in the short film “Happy”.
– She’s intensely mesmerising as Happy, a sexually inexperienced woman who downloads a lesbian dating app and seeks a liaison with another woman on her birthday.
– Notable for starring as Kristen in the complex lesbian web series “Starting From…Now”, catch Lauren in the sci-fi thriller “Conscious” as a woman incapable of experiencing fear.

Rebecca Liddiard in “Mr. Bernstein”


– Rebecca Liddiard has certainly ascended in 2016 as one of the most coveted Canadian actresses and she’ll be capturing global attention yet again in “Mr Bernstein”.
– As the leading lady Debbie Filler who tracks down a famous conductor earmarked by her father for giving him a life-changing musical experience, Rebecca is an absorbing watch.
– Since she has sizzled on this blog for many a month, this screen siren is a genuine obsession having wowed the world as Adelaide Stratton in the TV series “Houdini & Doyle”.

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