Actress Spotlight: Taylor Treadwell


Elegant Cutie Taylor Treadwell makes an alluring appearance on the small screen this week, co-starring in the Showtime hit “Ray Donovan”. She plays Josie, a woman in league with Jon Voight’s Mickey Donovan who puts the moves on an intoxicated casino customer with a quip that’s both sensual and witty. Mickey’s elaborate scheme of spiking the drinks of high rollers and fleecing them is however uncovered by casino owner Little Bill Primm, a new player of Season 4 played by Ted Levine. She is also joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming “Luke Cage” as Delicia and from that name one could deduce that she’s going to be delectable, a trait she’s endowed with. With her admirably amiable beauty, Taylor is a face that would light up a room, screen or anywhere she’s gracing.

Next up for Taylor is the comedy “Bastards” where she’ll be seen alongside Owen Wilson and Ed Helms who are two brothers discovering their once dead biological father is very much alive. She also has an indie short film called “Prettyface”, taking on the role of “Gypsy” aka Catherine Louise Share, a prominent member of the infamous Charles Manson’s “Family”. Her diverse endeavours across multiple genres is set to launch Taylor as a darling headed for global fondness.

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