Rising Starlet: Andrea Stefancikova


We often have an endless adoring gaze towards stunning women and Andrea Stefancikova is certainly a breathtaking beauty. This vivacious Czech-born, Vancouver-based model/actress stars in “Kidnapped in Romania”, the indie drama which sees her alongside Michael Madsen and Paul Sorvino.

Here’s Andrea revealing more about her role in “Kidnapped in Romania” and her upcoming projects:

So my film “Kidnapped in Romania” was was directed by an Italian director Carlo Fusco. I was the leading lady or #1 on the callsheet as they say playing and Italo-american journalist on a work assignment in Romania, where her father was buried and since she wasn’t able to attend the funeral, she made a side-agenda to go see his tomb. Little did she know, that her father was not whom she thought he was, and certain people from his past thought out a revenge when they found out who she really was. My character gets kidnapped and the story goes on. My father was played by the legendary Paul Sorvino. He only spent a day with us, but another big supporting role was played by Michael Madsen. He was fantastic, and I feel really lucky to have gotten to know him. The poster of the film has my face on it (see on my twitter @andreastefanci) but i am not a big enough name to be on the poster…that is the distributor’s choice and I have to respect that. I didn’t get the “ads” contract. Interesting fact about this film is that I booked it off social media. Of course I ended up sending a tape, and they liked me, but my initial introduction with the Italian producer was on Twitter. I feel very lucky and fortunate and knowing the Italian language as well as english was helpful in that:)

My current film that I am working on at the moment is called Real Fiction. It is still very hush hush, but it is a mixed genre film combining the legendary kung-fu action/drama/film noir and at the core it is still a love story. It’s a dark and moody romantic action drama thriller art film.Something on the lines of Bonnie and Clyde and Leon: the Professional, and inspired by Wong Kar Wai’s work:) I am the heroine, a prostitute named Velvet in a co-dependent relationship with a mafioso. I am on the downfall in life until I meet a certain Victor, a contract killer, and a man who I gradually grow fond of. Velvet and Victor take on the world in their own fictional way, that they create…which leads into a real roller coaster of events especially in Velvet’s life. Velvet is probably the most complex role I had yet to play. I had an interesting preparation process to become my character. She has a lot going on from her past to her present life and it was really challenging in a fantastic way to sync my teeth into.

This film is directed by Kirk Couette, who comes from the stunt world, but is an industry professional for many years. Our cinematographer is Pieter Stathis, who is a talented individual and with his and kirk’s eyes and vision combined, we are creating something very original and very exciting to look forward to. The film has a strong sexual appeal as well shot in a very tasteful and artistic manner. It’s action – the fighting style, has never been shot in Canada yet and acting is superb from my point of view. Everyone working on this production is bringing their heart and soul into this. It’s a Canadian indie feature film and the word is staring to spread around:)


The desirable curves of Andrea goes hand-in hand with her stirring assets of being a linguist on film as she’s fluent in English, Slovak, Czech, Italian, and Russian as well as having a dedicated work ethic. She’s also scored a plum co-star role in the Second Season of “Zoo” which returns this July and will garner her an ever growing endearment as the show was the highest ranked scripted drama last summer. It’s time for everyone to treasure this flourishing enchanter making waves in the coming months.

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