Sizzling Cutie: Samantha Bogach


Gorgeous charmer Samantha Bogach has the innate vivaciousness to be an endearing face for years to come. She stars in the biopic “All The Way” as Luci Johnson, the daughter of Lyndon B. Johnson and Lady Bird Johnson played by Bryan Cranston and Melissa Leo respectively. In an era where racism has once again reared its ugly head, we get to reminisce the zeal of one man’s fight to pass the Civil Rights Act as the President of the United States. Check out her reel (above) for a snippet of the lovely Samantha in a scene with her onscreen dad, the Breaking Bad legend himself Bryan Cranston. Known for excelling onscreen as young women who appear to be sprightly and invincible but with a hint of emotional vulnerability, Samantha is giving us a taste of her shimmering range.

Equally impressive are her merits as a stuntwoman and singer having performed in cities such as Nashville, New York as well as Las Vegas. As a kick-ass vixen, Samantha is abundantly easy on the eyes having been on the web series “Heroine Kombat” as several sexy femmes of action steeped in comic book lore. 2016 could be the dawn of warm approval for the lovely Samantha seeing how she’s a burgeoning face on film and audiences may well follow suit to offer her doting plaudits.

Do check out the SAMANTHA BOGACH OFFICIAL SITE for all the latest updates.

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