Actress Spotlight: Louise Linton


Scottish Blonde Bombshell Louise Linton ranks as this week’s desirable face on account of her 2 very pleasing appearances on film. With the release of “Cabin Fever” on DVD, we get a taste of her comeliness and expanse as the kooky Deputy Winston who encounters the unfortunate victims of the ravenous flesh eating disease. It’s impressive that Louise wonderfully engages in the role that was actually male in the original, giving us a different spin on the underlying deviancy of Deputy Winston. She has quite the mean streak with the no qualms of gunning you down if need be and Louise’s moments are indeed to savour. The wonderfully talented Louise is also the leading lady of the home invasion thriller “Intruder” as Elizabeth, a cellist who can’t help but feel someone is watching her in the comforts of her home. With a storm brewing outside and nowhere to run, can she escape the clutches of a stalker that’s made her house his playground of terror?

Louise also happens to be a producer on “Intruder” adding to her many wonderful facets as a credible performer across multiple genres. She instils in her heroine Elizabeth an entrancing grace that will have viewers rooting for her till the very end. Louise will be in the hugely anticipated biopic of Howard Hughes directed by Warren Beatty as a young starlet under his stable in the upcoming “Rules Don’t Apply” this year. A drama worthy of affection seeing how it has the most beautiful women in the world as Louise joins Lily Collins, Haley Bennett, Taissa Farmiga and even Warren’s wife Annette Bening. Louise is the stardom-worthy Screen Goddess we could fancy for years to come.

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