Actress Spotlight: Katie Carpenter


Beguiling Cuteness is an endearing trait Katie Carpenter has in abundance and she’s a certified dazzler on film, television and the web. This week she guest-stars alongside Ana Ortiz and Rebecca Wisocky on “Devious Maids” where delicious humour is the order of the day. Katie’s versatility will also ensure she’s a young lady to be very fond of seeing how she’s revving up avid interest in the genres of comedy, drama and horror. It takes special talents to captivate across various narratives and Katie’s budding charms are equally sexy as they are enthralling. Katie is also a considerate, approachable actress which is bound to elevate her attractiveness even further.

Here’s the ever gracious Katie revealing more about her role on “Devious Maids” as well as some of her fascinating projects both current and upcoming:

I had an awesome and fun time on the Lifetime show Eva Longoria Executive Produces, “Devious Maids.” It was pretty cool to be in scenes with people I’d watched growing up on TV. I loved watching “Scrubs” with Jude Reyes, and my mom and I would watch “Desperate Housewives” every Sunday with hunky James Denton. Devious Maids was created by the same guy, Marc Cherry. The writing was quick and witty, and I play a flustered cater-waiter, Ashley, who is bossed around by one of the most notorious socialites (Rebecca Wisocky). We’re at a huge gala, and there’s lots of drama and laughs to go around. My episode airs July 4th at 9pm on Lifetime!

Last summer, I was cast in the popular Netflix series, “House of Cards.” It was one of my favorite shows so it was a big deal!! We shot in Baltimore, and Robin Wright (Claire Underwood) was the director for my episode. She was so gracious and let us play. My scene partner was Sebastian Arcelus, who returned this season as the disgruntled reporter Lucas Goodwin who was trying to bring Frank Underwood down. He was a really nice guy. I played a Dunbar supporter who was running the press pass station when Lucas arrives and convinces me to leave so he can steal one. I was so lucky to be part of such an established series, it was definitely one of my dreams. The 4th season premiered on Netflix on March 4th, and looks like they’re about to start shooting number 5! Watch on Netflix now. (I was in Season 4, episode 3!)

I shot a horror film last year called “All Girls Weekend,” written and directed by femme fatale badass, Lou Simon. It’s about a group of childhood friends who reunite for a trip to the woods. Turns out, they can never leave. I play Daniela, who is the motivator for getting all the girls back together. She’s generally a source of positivity- but I don’t want to give any spoilers away! It was such an incredible experience because nature is the real antagonist in the film – as it was during filming. 90% of the movie is outside, and of COURSE the few weeks we choose to shoot in Atlanta, GA- the South- it snows. So we had to do some adjusting but the snow actually looks gorgeous in the final project.

The cast was great, I had a blast with Jamie Bernadette, Gema Calero, Karisham Lakhani, and Sharron Calvin. Lou would tease about how much we were gabbing- said we acted like real friends even though we’d only known each other for a few days! “All Girls Weekend” will be released on VOD on July 12th!

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Maid to Order is a webseries I created about a struggling actress who starts a cleaning business with her roommate. We premiered our first episode June 15th! Margot, my character, is super peppy, naiive, and eager to make extra money to ultimately follow her dream of being famous. June (Kendra Staub) was a former gypsy with a stealing problem and wary of Margot’s wild plans. But she’s great at cleaning and Margot’s roommate, so she get’s roped into the fantasy maids business anyway. Margot answers an ad on Craigslist and the two show up at strangers’ houses to clean. They meet all types of people; a guy who’s creepily attached to his mother, a deaf lady robber, some gangstas in a Trap House, flaming dog trainers; and more. It’s a raunchy comedy with lots of laughs and we had such a fun time shooting it! Our last two episodes of the season premiere Wednesdays at 9pm on Youtube. Don’t miss it!

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