Hotties on Film, TV, DVD and The Web – 8th July 2016

Kaitlyn Sapp in “Clowntown”


– Christening blue-eyed beauty Kaitlyn Sapp as a living doll is very much apt on account of her comeliness that’s such a delectable attraction for viewers.
– In the tradition of Drew Barrymore ala “Scream”, she’s the epitome of lusciousness in “Clowntown” as Jamie, the babysitter who encounters a demented killer in clown garb.
– This year, she had scene stealing moments on the last season of “Banshee”, captivating us as Jennifer, a street-smart and beautiful drifter with a gritty streak.

Stell Bahrami in “Pink Zone”


– Don’t miss the sexy Stell Behrami in “Pink Zone” as Sam, the chief tormenter of unfortunate teen girls in a world where they can be killed with a kiss by the opposite sex!
– It’s survivalist horror with a fascinating twist buoyed by the malicious performance of the adept Stell who shines as a mean girl indeed!
– With her seraphic beauty, it’s a given that she has starred in the web series “We Are Angels” that’s about angels who descent to earth to heal souls.

Lulu Brud in “Pretty Little Liars”


– Lulu Brud returns in the 7th Season of “Pretty Little Liars” as the foxy Sabrina who is pined for by Shay Mitchell’s Emily Fields that is until she discovers Sabrina is taken.
– Notable for being addictively suspenseful, PLL enthrals us just as much with the enigmatic women on it, an esteemed group which Lulu most certainly is part of.
– Catch the talented Lulu in the short “Out Of Love” essaying great emotional depth as the frustrated Colline who is discontented with her down on his luck boyfriend.

Lindsay Lamb in “Emma’s Chance”


– Lindsay is appearing in the family drama “Emma’s Chance” as Anne Thompson, the snobbish rival of Greer Grammer’s titular Emma at a show horse competition.
– She has a similar sex appeal to fellow temptress Carlson Young of “Scream” fame”, her visage of sensuality that’s thoroughly charismatic.
– This photogenic charmer has regularly made a splash on the indie horror circuit and can be seen in “Range 15” the veterans versus the walking dead zom-com!

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