Actress Spotlight: Elizabeth Saint


Elizabeth Saint is garnering plenty of buzz this week with her series “Ghosts Of Sheperdstown” from Destination America, the channel for all things supernatural. She’s a paranormal sensitive who with her team members Nick Groff and Bill Hartley investigate hauntings at Shepherdstown, the oldest one in West Virginia. Everyone loves a good ghost story and our intrepid trio venture into the often spooky world of apparitions to get to the source of the otherworldly events affecting the townsfolk. Here we have a modern day Lorraine Warren in the guise of the beautiful Elizabeth who also happens to be an actress, Model and Electrical Engineer. Her truly diverse wealth of talents can only intrigue us tenfold and we can’t wait to see her evolution in “Ghosts Of Sheperdstown”.

On film, the stunning Elizabeth has played a twisted femme fatale as well as a heartbreaker showcasing her intrinsic sex appeal and in similar fashion is on course to enchant the reality segment of television. This past day, Elizabeth has already made a sizzling mark on this blog and I’m sure many other media outlets. Paying tribute to the allure of Elizabeth is acknowledging the favourable approval from her growing fanbase who will be undoubtable in their yearning for her in the coming months.

Do keep up with all the latest updates at the ELIZABETH SAINT OFFICIAL SITE.


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