Actress Spotlight: Emily Tremaine


One of the Genuine Goddesses on television and the indie scene, the enticing Emily Tremaine is every viewer’s guilty pleasure. She’s the swoon-worthy star of Freeform’s absorbing series “Guilt” as Natalie Atwood, a Boston prosecutor who heads to London after her sister Grace (Daisy Head) is accused of murder. The transatlantic whodunit with its multiple murder suspects including a member of the royal family and hidden secrets should keep us hooked till the series final reveal, if any. Emily gracefully portrays Natalie who whilst harbouring doubts about Grace’s innocence, doesn’t waver in defending her, echoes of the classic blood is thicker than water. Lauded as Grace’s badass sister on this Freeform article , it’s a no brainer to root for her throughout the season. From co-starring on “The Blacklist” and “Vinyl”, it’s wondrous to see Emily at the forefront of compelling TV in a melodramatic series.

She most certainly exudes star quality which has seen her being such a delectable presence at red carpet premieres. Do look out for Emily in her short film “Frontman” which will be screening at this year’s Stony Brook Film Festival happening from July 21-30. She’s classy with a tinge of the wicked as Lydia, the manipulative manager of Jodie King, a rich and famous rock star. One can’t stressed enough how effusively photogenic Emily is thus ensuring our addiction for her is of a rapid pace. Indie fans and couch potatoes rejoice alike in the admiration of the sensational Emily Tremaine.

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