Actress Spotlight: Lucie Guest


Once more, the sexiest women of television stir up seduction and Lucie Guest is most certainly eye-catching this week. She is very much a tease in the latest episode titled “Mixtape” from the creepy Freeform debut show “Dead Of Summer”. Billed as a killer series, Lucie appears as Erika, the foxy neighbour of insecure teen Carolina “Cricket” Diaz who catches Erika in a compromising situation with her dad Hector (Alex Fernandez). To add to the perplexing situation, her plain jane mum knows about the affair but is lukewarm of her husband’s betrayal. As she reiterates sometimes we have to know our place in the world and at times the dowdy have to give way to the fashionable in our beauty-obsessed society. Whilst “Dead Of Summer” has its eerie tone in every episode, the drama can only get juicer and the kissable Lucie does make for one saucy husband stealer!

Lucie was also recently on the hit series “Orphan Black” and has dazzled in “Blackstone”, “Motive” as well as “Supernatural”. While she’s a fixture on the small screen, Lucie is a savvy comedian and we do adore a beautiful face who can make us chuckle. She’s certainly affirming the numerous traits we love about Canadian talents and many more around the world will start to profess their affection for her. We’re blessed to be in the company of one as enigmatic as the lovely Lucie Guest.

Do check out the LUCIE GUEST OFFICIAL SITE for more of the latest updates.

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