Indie Sweetheart: Lara Jean Mummert


Set to be a most likeable face on independent cinema, Lara Jean Mummert is instilling avid fandom for many a horror fan. She’s starring in the possession film “Anomaly” which has some of the best jump out of your seat moments ever seen. Hot on the heels of horror flicks such as “Conjuring 2”, “Anomaly” is another truly terrifying narrative of one family’s fight for survival amidst their biggest encounter with demonic forces. Having garnered the accolade of being one of the most popular trailers on IMDB, “Anomaly” sets the bar high when it comes to the scare factor and Lara is a must-see as the unfortunate maternal figure Paige Hagen under duress from supernatural threats. Lara is also getting rave reviews for her portrayal in “2 Jennifer” as the titular Jennifer who is tapped to star in the sequel to “To Jennifer”.

Here’s Lara revealing more about her role in “2 Jennifer” and some of her upcoming features:

“2 Jennifer” which was directed and written by the lovely Hunter Johnson, is an amazing horror film shot entirely on IPhone. I play the role of Jennifer, the actress Spencer and Mack hire for their film. Once hired some strange things start to occur and I face 2 choices, become the heroine or face a brutal death. The process in the making of this film was absolutely amazing. I had so much fun, and it was a definite joy working with everybody involved. I would definitely do it all over again.

As far as upcoming projects, I am actually partnering up with Hunter Johnson again and writer director Aaron Mento for a new horror/comedy called Ugly Sweater Party. I will also be playing Hannah one of the films Leads. I can not say too much about this film yet since we are still in beginning stages but I can say that the audience is in for a wild ride. The script is amazing!

I also have another film that is coming out soon called “An Unplanned Awakening”. Written and directed by James Maher. This is a short film, but one I am so proud of. You can classify this film as a psychological drama. Working with James was a blessing in disguise, he is a true artist and pushed me further as an actor than I knew I could go. I feel blessed to be playing the lead role of Carrie. I spent over 6 months with the director working and fine tuning my character. This film means alot to him and slowly it became my love as well.

I walked away from filming and could not believe it was over. Every time I am on camera I feel at peace, at home. I like being someone else more than being myself. I feel that I become wiser when putting myseld in circumstances I myself may never be in. To understand the pain that someone could be going through right now, or laughter of another is absolutely amazing. Acting I feel makes me more in tune with others and more understanding of what others could be going through. That is my reason for acting, to bring to life and share what others may not have the ability too. To give people the understanding of loss, love, joy, and make them feel that too. The audience should walk away better, more wiser than before, and feel as though they were with me in the process. To be free emotionally and just let go.

A natural on camera, Lara is steadily captivating us with every character embodiment and we can’t help but embrace her genial winsomeness.

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