Hotties on Film, TV, DVD and The Web – 19th July 2016

Lucy Walters in “Power”


– Lucy Walters has impeccably delivered on the depth of her compelling character Holly in the hit Starz series “Power” and returns to her enigmatic form in the 3rd Season this week.
– In the episode “Call Me James”, don’t miss her being the ultimate firecracker and seductress in the throes of passion with her paramour Tommy Egan (Joseph Sikora).
– This year, the eternal enchanter Lucy also cemented herself as a coveted indie darling with her intense performance in the gritty zombie thriller “Here Alone”.

Charlene Amoia in “Sniper: Special Ops”


– The vivaciousness of Charlene Amoia has consistently been crave-worthy and in 2016, she’s making her enticing presence felt in a slate of indie films.
– She stars in “Sniper:Special Ops” as Janet Conrad, a NATO correspondent who subsequently becomes an invaluable member of the team led by Steven Seagal’s Sgt. Jake Chandler.
– With the explosive advent of demonic-possession narratives, make sure to catch Charlene in “A Demon Within”, a tale of innocence lost in a house plagued by an ancient evil.

Briana Marin in “The Night Shift”


– One of the most exciting talents and undeniably one of the cutest on TV right now, Briana has a recurring role in the 3rd Season of “The Night Shift”.
– She shines as Nina Alvarez, the forthright social worker of a young girl called Brianna who lands in the ER of the San Antonio Memorial Hospital after a vehicular accident.
– Briana exudes a pureness whenever she essays a role and with her duality in both television as well as the indie arena, we’re inclined to be fascinated with this lovely brunette.

Anastacia McPherson in “Roadies”


– After her saucy appearance on “House Of Cards”, Anastacia McPherson bewitches us in the new series “Roadies” where we’re taken to the drama of the road crew of a major rock band.
– She certainly has the semblance of effusive magnetism so much so her character Kayla catches the eye of tour manager Bill (Luke Wilson).
– The insanely gorgeous and curvaceous Anastacia could very well find herself being proclaimed as a scene stealer of the small screen.

Kelsey Crane in “Cardinal Matter”


– The doll-like beauty of Kelsey Crane can only lead to many a viewer’s affection and she compliments her appeal with the sophistication she brings to the screen.
– She stars in the indie thriller “Cardinal Matter” as Erin Walker, an ambitious woman whose moral judgement may not be the most righteous.
– A fixture on the under-rated cancer-themed drama series “Chasing Life”, Kelsey recently guest-starred on an episode of our guilty pleasure “Pretty Little Liars”.

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