Actress Spotlight: Dre Davis


Genial and sexy star Dre Davis has surely embed herself in our hearts as a most desirable prospect. She’s spicing up ‘Along Comes Mary’, the newest episode of “Pretty Little Liars” this week as the artfully crafty Sara Harvey who now has Jenna (Tammin Sursok) in her corner. Will the Black Widow and her newest BFF stir up even more torment for their mutual enemies the Liars? Dre is to be lauded for fashioning Sara Harvey into one of the most enigmatic female villains on TV. The calculated poise and sultry charm are depicted with such equanimity by the brilliant Miss Dre Davis. I may not be the typical fanbase of PLL but the lovely Dre has indeed become one of the biggest draws on the popular series and would surely attract viewers in droves throughout Season 7. There’s redeeming qualities with everyone in Rosewood so might Sara perhaps turn over a new leaf?

In one of her recent interviews, Dre has also reminded everyone to be kind and she’s indeed someone who practises what she preaches, her cordial personality being yet another of her bewitching assets. In 2016, she’s also making an impact on film having already played the plucky Rachel and going toe to toe with a gas-mark wearing maniac known as ‘The Driver’ in the horror flick “Fender Bender”. With global addiction for all things PLL at an all time high, Dre is currently at the topmost of our devotion.

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